NRDR Manage PhysiciansNRDR physician information is maintained in the Physician Dictionary. Only Facility Administrators and Registry Administrators have access to the dictionary. Physicians may be added, updated, and deleted/deactivated through the Manage Physician page found under Facility Management in the NRDR menu. 

Selecting the Manage Physicians item opens the Manage Physicians page with sections for searching, updating, and adding physicians. 

Physician Dictionary and Users

There are two types of “physicians” in NRDR:

  1. The Physician Dictionary is a database which includes the physician’s name, National Provider Identifier (NPI) and contact information. Registries may require dictionary entries so they can track which physician interpreted an image or to record physician exam data for reporting non-MIPS measures to CMS.

  2. A Physician User account provides physicians access to the NRDR MIPS Portal. The portal allows physicians to use NRDR as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) to report measures to CMS as part of the MIPS program. A physician has only one MIPS portal user account, regardless of how many registries they use. See QCDR for MIPS and MACRA for more information.

Note: Physicians participating in MIPS must 

  • have a Physician User account (to access the MIPS portal) 

  • be listed as a Participating Physician for each registry they want to use for reporting a non-MIPS measure, and

  • have a record in the Physician Dictionary, so they can be listed as a Participating Physician in one or more registries

See MIPS Portal Registration for Physicians and Groups for details.

Physician Dictionary records are not shared across facilities. A facility can only access physician information that was entered at that facility; consequently, if the same physician practices at two different facilities, the physician must be added to each facility.

Requirements for the Physician Dictionary vary by registry: 


Required For


All physicians performing CTC exams, so that each physician is available to be selected as an Interpreting Physician when entering exam data


Physicians using DIR data to report non-MIPS measures to CMS


Physicians for whom a report is desired at the end of each six-month reporting period or for those using GRID data to report non-MIPS measures to CMS


Physicians using IR data to report non-MIPS measures to CMS


Required for all physicians performing lung cancer screening exams, so that each physician can be available to be selected as a Radiologist (reading) when entering exam data


Physicians using NMD data to report non-MIPS measures to CMS


Entries are required for all physicians participating in MIPS (formerly PQRS)

Add a Physician

The bottom section of the Manage Physicians page displays a table of physician record details. By default the table is blank with an Add Physician button underneath, so that you can add new physicians.NRDR Manage Physicians - Add New Physician

Note: If you have many physicians to add for one or more registered facilities you can use the Bulk-Add process to enter data into an Excel template and upload to NRDR.

Note: Additional fields appear only when Yes is selected for Enroll Physician for MIPS Measures Portal. See details, below.

To add a new record, enter information for each field.




If you select No then the physician is not displayed in the drop-down lists of physicians on data collection forms. You cannot add the physician to individual registries.

First Name

Last Name

Enter a first and last name. Both names are required.


Confirm E-mail

Enter and confirm the physician’s e-mail address.

NPI (National Provider Identifier)

The NPI must be exactly 10 digits, must be unique to the physician, and must correspond to the physician’s name, as registered with CMS. This field is required.


Enter the physician's phone number, if desired.

Enroll Physician for MIPS Measures Portal?

Indicate whether this physician is participating in the NRDR QCDR for MIPS.

Note: Enrolling a physician in MIPS means they will require access to the ACR MIPS Portal. See Invite a Physician, below, for details on this process. 

Each physician user has a unique account from which he or she can view and submit MIPS data, including any non-MIPS measures from the NRDR registries to which they submit data

When Enroll Physician for MIPS Measures Portal is Yes, the following fields appear

Is this physician a member of ACR?

MIPS participation fees vary based on membership with ACR.

If Yes is selected, enter the physician’s ACR ID.

Send MIPS Reporting invoice to Physician?


Send MIPS Reporting invoice to Facility Administrator?

Indicate who should receive the invoice for participation in the NRDR QCDR. The total cost for MIPS participation depends solely on the number of physicians enrolled in the MIPS program, rather than on the number of physicians and facilities.

Send e-mail notification to Physician?

Select Yes to send an e-mail to the physician inviting them to create a personal NRDR user account. The physician receives an e-mail invitation and follows the same process to create their account as described in Invite New Users.

Each new physician must be associated with at least one registry. If you have access to multiple facilities, and your current facility context is a Child facility, then only registries for which the facility is registered are listed, with tick boxes to allow you to select multiple registries, as needed.NRDR Manage Physicians - Select Registry TIN

For each registry, you may select the Tax ID Number (TIN) to be used for data collection and reporting. The dropdown list shows all available TINs available for the user. Use the Manage Physician Group TIN page if you need to add new TINs.

Note: The TIN is mandatory for MIPS enrollment, and optional for all other registries.

Multiple TINs may be entered, if needed. For each TIN, select the dates for which the TIN is active for the physician and then click the Add New Line button to create a new row for the next TIN.

You may only select TINs from the drop-down menu. If you need to add a new TIN, use the Manage Physician Group TIN page before adding the physician.

Note: The Physician Start Date and Physician End Date fields must be within the TIN Date Available From and Date Available To date range.NRDR Manage Physicians – Add Physician – Add TIN

If your current facility context is a Master facility, then a single table appears with Facility ID and Registry as the first two columns. You can select from the available facilities, registries, and TINs, to create an entry. Click the Add New Line button to create another row in the table.Manage Physicians - Select Registry TIN as Master Facility

Use the Delete link in the last column to delete an existing TIN for the physician.

Click Add to add the new physician record after you have entered data for all fields. An error message appears at the bottom of the screen if there are any problems with the data entered.

Search for a Physician

The Manage Physicians page provides a filter for you to search for physicians by last name, first name, or National Provider Identifier (NPI). To view the search filter, click theExpand Buttonbutton on the Filter bar. Manage Physicians Filter - Collapsed

Opening the filter displays the search form:Manage Physicians Filter - Expanded

Specify your search criteria and click the Search button. To reset filter fields to their default values, click the Reset button.

Search results are displayed in the table below the filter:NRDR Manage Physicians - Search Results

Note: The First Name and Last Name search fields are not case sensitive, must be two characters or longer, and use a wildcard search to find all occurrences of their criteria, regardless of position; e.g. in the example, above, the query returns all users with the letters Cto at the beginning, at the end, or in the middle of the first name, regardless of case. NPI search criteria must be 10 characters in length.

Columns with underlined titles can be sorted. Click a column name to sort the list in ascending or descending order by the values in that column.

Update or Delete a Physician

To update or delete physician records, first locate the record as described in Search for a Physician, above, then click the Edit link in the far-right column of the physician ID of the record you want to change. The following page appears, with Save, Cancel, and Delete buttons underneath:NRDR Manage Physicians - Update Physician

Update the fields you want to change and click the Save button, or click the Cancel button to discard the changes.

If you want to delete the record, click the Delete This Physician button.

A record cannot be deleted if forms have already been entered with that physician’s name. You can prevent a physician’s name from being entered on forms in the future by changing the Active field to No to change the record status to deactivated.

Note: If a physician is enrolled in MIPS, you must first deselect the MIPS registry from the Registries and TINs list, save the record, and then change their Active field to No and click Save.

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