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Manage Scanners

LCSR participants can maintain a scanner dictionary to help save time when submitting an exam form to the registry. By maintaining the dictionary users can select a scanner from a picklist to automatically populate the scanner settings when entering data into the the LCSR exam form.

You can add or change scanner records using the Manage Scanners form under the Corporate Account Management Operational menu.

Upon opening the form all scanners for your corporate account are displayed. If you have a lot of scanners for the current facility you can use the filter to search for scanners by name, manufacturer, status, or by any facility ID associated with your corporate account.

Manage Scanners Filter and Table.png

Click a link in the Action column to edit or delete an existing scanner or click the Add New Scanner button to add a new scanner record.

Edit or enter the following fields for each scanner record. All fields are required

Field Name


Scanner Name

Enter a distinctive name to identify the scanner


Select Active or Inactive. Inactive scanners do not appear in the scanner pick-list when entering data into the exam form.


Select a manufacturer.


Enter model number

Reconstructed image width (nominal width of reconstructed image along z-axis)

Enter reconstructed image width


Indicate for which facilities the scanner may be selected

Click the Save button to save your changes for the scanner record.

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