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Common Physician Data Upload Errors

Having problems uploading a physician file using the bulk-add process? Make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

  • Using a physician nickname - You must enter the physician’s name exactly as it appears in the CMS NPPES NPI Registry. NRDR validates the NPI number and physician name against the registry.

  • Adding Jr., Sr. or other suffixes - The NPI registry doesn’t allow for suffixes, so including them will cause the name to be rejected when validated.

  • Putting an “X” in a field that requires a “Y” - e.g. to indicate in which registries a physician will participate.

  • Adding a hyphen to a TIN - Only enter the digits of the TIN.

  • Omitting the TIN Available From date for a new TIN - When adding a new TIN for a physician, you must specify a valid TIN Available From date.

  • The physician’s Start Date is older than the TIN Available From Date - The Start Date indicates when the physician started using the TIN, so the date must between the TIN Available From Date and Available To Date.

  • Entering a TIN as a number with a leading zero - By default Excel omits leading zeros; if you have TINs with leading zeroes you must enter them as text values by including a single quote so that all digits are preserved - e.g. '012345678.

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