Physicians participating in the MIPS program are required to submit data by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Physicians may participate either as individuals or as members of a group practice. Regardless of how they participate, physicians will need to use the Manage Physician Group TIN page for several functions, including

  • Entering Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) information, including effective dates

  • Selecting whether or not to report MIPS data to CMS using the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO)

  • Selecting to which NRDR registries the TIN should be associated, so that Non-MIPS measures are available for reporting to CMS

  • Uploading documentation of their individual or group TIN

Note: For Master-Child hierarchies, the Physician Group TIN must be associated with the Master facility as well as each Child facility at which a physician practices. For example, if a physician practices at facility 111111 for the DIR, and also practices at facility 222222 for the CTC, and both facilities are Child facilities to Master facility 333333, then three Physician Group TIN records would need to be added:

  1. Facility ID 111111 for registry DIR

  2. Facility ID 222222 for registry CTC

  3. Facility ID 333333 for registries DIR and CTC

All users may access this function.

The Manage Physician Group TIN page is available under the Facility Management menu from the ACR NRDR Homepage.Facility Management menu - Manage Physician Group TIN


Adding a New TIN

New TIN records may be added using the top portion of the page.Manage Physician Group TIN page

To define a new TIN record, enter data for each of the fields, as described, below.



Physician Group TIN

Enter the physician or physician group TIN, or the TIN used in physician or professional component claims. This number must be exactly nine digits.


Select the GPRO item if this TIN should be used for the Group Practice Reporting Option, so that MIPS and non-MIPS quality measures are reported to CMS for all physicians associated with a single TIN.


To assign the same physician group TIN to Child facilities, click the drop-down icon and select all facilities for which the TIN should apply.Manage Physician Group TIN - Select Facilities


Use the drop-down menu to select the registries with which the TIN is associated. By default, all registries for which the user is registered are listed. Manage Physician Group TIN - Select Registries

Date Available From

Enter the start date for when your TIN became active. An end date is not required unless there is a specific end date for when data should no longer be submitted under this TIN for a given registry.

Click Add to add the new TIN records. New records are created for each unique combination of facility ID, registry, and TIN and are displayed in the table below the Add button. Click the Save button below the table to save the records to the NRDR database.

New TIN records are not added to the database until you click the Save button. Consequently, records will be lost if you navigate away from the Manage Physician Group TIN page without clicking the Save button.

Note: You can also add TIN information when uploading new physician records using the bulk-upload process from the Manage Physicians page.

Updating TIN Records

The table in the middle portion of the page lists all TIN records associated with your facility. Manage Physician Group TIN - Table

You can edit the following fields by making changes directly to the records in the table:

  • Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO)

  • Physician Group Description – this field is generated automatically when the record is created, and is a combination of your facility’s Physician Group / Corporate Entity name, facility name, and the registry to which the record pertains.

  • Available to – You may edit this date to indicate a TIN is no longer active, or should no longer be used for MIPS reporting purposes.

Click the Save button, just below the table, to save your changes.

Note: Once TIN records have been added to the database they cannot be deleted.

Uploading Documentation

CMS requires ACR to gather documentation to verify Taxpayer Identification Numbers for a sample of participants. To comply with this requirement, you must upload official documentation that clearly displays your TIN, such as a tax document or submitted Medicare claim.

The bottom portion of the Manage Physician Group TIN page displays a table of documents previously uploaded. To upload new documents, click the Choose File button, below the table, select your document, and then click the Upload button. Manage Physician Group TIN - Documentation

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