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MIPS Reporting Fees

Fees for MIPS reporting are per physician, regardless of participation in other registries or group reporting. 

The following reporting fees apply in addition to the annual NRDR registry fees:

  • ACR Member rate: $199 per physician per year

  • Non-Member rate: $1,299 per physician per year

Special Discounts for Group Reporting:

  • MIPS Eligible Other Clinician: $199 per EC per year

  • Non-Radiologist Physician (not eligible for ACR membership)*: $550 per physician per year  

    *Could be relevant for multi-specialty groups.

MIPS Reporting Fee Invoices

MIPS Reporting Fee Invoice notifications are sent to the Corporate Administrator on January 5th. All payments can be made by check or credit card. Total MIPS reporting fee payments are due by March 15th.

The Corporate Administrator is able to download a copy of the MIPS Reporting Fee invoices via the Invoices for CMS Reporting link in the Corporate Account Management Financial menu.


Note: Practices and physicians no longer using the NRDR's QCDR for MIPS reporting, but have received an invoice for this service, must unenroll from MIPS via the Manage Physicians link in the Corporate Account Management Operational menu. Doing so will allow the system to automatically void these invoices and prevent them from being blocked from accessing other registries due to non-payment.

Unenroll Physicians from CMS Reporting

Once in Manage Physicians, click Edit in the ‘Action’ column. Change the answer from yes to no for the following question and save your physician record.

For unenrolling many physicians, use the Physician Template. Click the data file to download a prepopulated template with your current physician records. Update column V from Y to N and upload the file.

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