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Link Exam to Facility

The Link Exam to Facility function, in effect, allows users to move an exam from one facility to another facility within the same corporate account and registry. This function is available to Facility Administrators, Registry Administrators, and Facility Users who have profiles with access to both the “donor” and “recipient” facilities.

Patient and physician (interpreting and/or ordering) information follows the exam from the donor to the recipient facility. Therefore, it is important to keep the following implications in mind:

  • If the physician or patient already exists in the recipient facility, the records in the recipient dictionaries are updated to match the data in the donor dictionaries.

  • If the physician or patient records do not exist in the recipient facility dictionaries, new records are created in the recipient dictionaries.

  • If, after the linking process, the donor facility has no more exams for a patient, that patient is removed from the donor facility patient dictionary.

To start the process, first select the source facility using the facility picker in the upper right corner of the portal. This value determines the donor facility populated in the Link from Facility ID field.

Link Exam to Facility Input Fields

Next, select the registry for the exam, and the facility to which you want to move it. A table appears listing all of the exams from the donor facility and registry. You can use the filter to search by a wide range of fields to reduce the listing, if needed.

Select one or more exams to link to the destination facility, and then click the Continue button.

Link Exam to Facility Table

A confirmation prompt appears, listing the exam ID(s) to be moved.

Link Exam to Facility Confirmation

Exams that cannot be linked, if any, are listed below the confirmation prompt with details for review.

Click the Confirm Link Exams button to complete the operation. The message Exam(s) have been linked successfully appears and the table of exams for the donor facility is refreshed.

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