If you have many physicians to add to NRDR,NRDR Manage Physicians you can save time and repetitive typing by using the NRDR Excel spreadsheet template to upload the data. The upload process allows you to upload new physician records, update existing physician records, and even create new Physician Group TIN records.

Start by logging in to NRDR. If you have a Master-Child hierarchy, we suggest you log in and set your facility context to the Master facility by selecting it from the login pick list. This will allow you to create and upload a single file of physician records for all Child facilities by listing specific Facility IDs in the upload file.

Note: Using a single upload file can save you a lot of time typing. However, when copying physician records, make sure all of the information is applicable to each Child facility, particularly if not all Child facilities participate in the same registries.

Download and Complete the Physician Template

Click on the Manage Physicians link under Facility Management on the left-hand side of the screen. Download the Excel template by clicking on the link at the top of the page. If prompted, select Save File to download and save the file to your computer.Manage Physicians - Download Template Here

Enter the physician information, following the requirements as described in Manage Physicians. Some fields are required depending on whether or not the facility is registered for MIPS – e.g. TIN, Is Physician a Member of ACR etc.

Note: The template includes fields for TINs, so you can associate a TIN for each physician/registry combination. This is required if you want to use a registry for reporting Non-MIPS measures.

Note: If you use the same TIN for all registries, you can enter the data as a single record. If you use one TIN for registry A, and a different TIN for registry B, you will need to submit separate rows for each registry.

You must select at least one registry, indicated by placing a Y in the designated cell, or the record will not be loaded into the Physician dictionary.

Note: If you do not know for which databases your facility has been registered, stop and collect that information by selecting Registration under the Registries submenu, and look for those registries marked as Accepted in the last column.

Upload the File

When your file is ready, select Choose File and search for the UploadPhysiciansTemplate.xlsx Excel file on your computer.Manage Physicians - Choose File to Upload

Manage Physicians - Open Chosen File

Select the file and click Open. The filename appears in the Path To A File field, to the right of the Choose File button.Manage Physicians - File Chosen

Click the Upload button to load the file. The page refreshes with the new physician records. If there are errors, a red error message appears. Manage Physicians - Upload Errors and Log File Link

The log file from the upload process is downloaded automatically to your computer. The log is a copy of the template you uploaded, with a new column labeled UPLOADING_RESULT added. For records uploaded successfully, the column lists the NRDR Physician ID numbers. For records not uploaded, error messages describe the requirements not met. If there is more than one error for a row, each error message is separated by a semicolon.Manage Physicians - Upload Error Examples

Check out our list of Common Physician Upload Errors if you need help diagnosing problems with your upload.

Upload New Physician Group TIN Records

The template and upload process allow you to create new physician TIN records during the upload, so you can bypass the Physician Group TIN page. Follow these guidelines when adding a new TIN:

  • Specify the correct, 9-digit TIN

  • Enter a TIN Available From Date; this field is required

  • Provide data for all other required fields, as instructed within the template. This includes specifying one or more registries.

If the physician record already exists, it will be updated to include the new TIN/registry association.

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