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Manage Physician Groups

The Manage Physician Groups page allows participants to create a distinctive name to identify one or more clinicians submitting data to CMS for MIPS. Physician Groups must be created before Physician Group Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) can be added to NRDR, so that the group can be linked to the TIN. A physician group name and TIN are both required for using the MIPS portal, even for clinicians planning to submit data to CMS as individuals.

Select the Manage Physician Groups link from the Corporate Account Management Operational menu to open the page. Then click the Add New Physician Group button to add a new record.Manage Physician Groups

Enter a distinctive name for the group and then select the facilities to which you wish to associate this group name. This is an important step, as it will allow this group to be selected for each facility when using the Manage Physician Group TIN page.

Click the Save button to create the record. The new record appears in the Physician Groups table. You can use the links in the Action column to edit the group name and associated facilities, or to delete the group entirely.

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