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Users profiles are added, updated, and deleted/deactivated throughNRDR Manage User Profiles Menu Item the Manage User Profiles page found under Facility Management in the NRDR menu. Selecting the Manage User Profiles item opens the page with sections for searching, updating, and adding users.

Access to the Manage User Profiles page is determined by your user role:

  • Corporate Account Administrators and Facility Administrators may manage Facility Administrator, Registry Administrator, and Facility User profiles.

  • Registry Administrators may only manage Facility User profiles.

  • Facility Users cannot access the Manage User Profiles page.

Physician Users are maintained through the Manage Physicians page. Refer to NRDR Accounts and Profiles for a detailed list of permissions for each role.

Note: Your permissions are determined by your highest-level profile within a single facility; therefore, you may have permission to manage user profiles for one facility but not another. For example, if you are a facility administrator for facility 111111 and a facility user for facility 222222, you can access the Manage User Profiles page for facility 111111 only.

Add a User Profile

Profiles may be added to existing user accounts or for new participants who require a login account as well as a profile.

To add a new user profile for an existing user account, click the Add New User button and enter information for each field, as needed.

Note: The fields displayed in the table are determined by the User Type selected, as noted, below.

Field Name


User Type

Only user types that you are authorized to add are displayed in the drop-down list for the User Type field – e.g. Registry Administrators may only select Facility User.

After selecting the user type, additional fields relevant to that user type appear.

If you select Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator as the user type, the current Corporate Account Administrator’s or Facility Administrator’s profile will be deleted.

Note: If the current Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator still needs access to NRDR, we recommend creating a Registry Administrator or Facility User profile for them before adding a new Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator.

User Account

Select the user account for which you want to create a new profile. Upon selection, the First Name, Last Name, and E-mail fields populate automatically.

Note: Leave the default value of New User only if you want to create a profile for a user who currently does not have access to NRDR - i.e. who does not have a user name and password. See Invite New Users for details on creating new user accounts.


Status is set to Active by default and cannot be changed until the profile is created.

First Name

Last Name

These fields are required.


Office Phone

You may change the e-mail address and specify a phone number for the profile. Office Phone is optional.

Facility Administrators, Registry Administrators, and Facility Users Only

Facility ID

If you are logged in as a Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator, you can select one or more facilities for the new profile. If you select more than one facility, then a profile will be created for each facility ID and linked to the user’s account.

If you are logged in as a Registry Administrator, the Facility ID is automatically set to the Facility selected in the pick list in the Login banner.

Corporate Account Administrators Only


Mobile Phone

Additional Information

These fields appear when User Type is Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator.

Facility Administrators Only


This field appears when User Type is Facility Administrator and is optional.

Registry Administrators and Facility Users Only


Select one or more registries the profile is allowed to access. This field does not appear for Facility Administrators because they may access all registries for a facility.

NRDR Manage User Profiles - Add User Errors

Click Add to add the new user profile after you have entered data for all fields. Error messages appear at the bottom of the screen if there are any problems with the user data entered.

Search for a User

The top section of the Manage User Profiles page provides a filter for you to search for users by various fields, including user name, e-mail address, user type, name and status. To view the search filter, click thebutton on the Filter bar.NRDR Manage User Profiles Search - Collapsed

Opening the filter displays the search form:

Specify your search criteria and click the Search button. To reset filter fields to their default values, click the Reset button.

Note: Available values for User Type criteria are determined by your highest-level profile – e.g. Registry Administrators can search for Facility User and Physician User profiles only, while Corporate Account Administrators and Facility Administrators can search for all profiles.

Note: By default, the Status field is set to Active and this criterion is applied when the Manage User Profiles page first opens. Consequently, you must change this field to Inactive or All if you want to search for Inactive profiles.

Search results are displayed in the table below the filter:

Note: Search criteria are not case sensitive. The user name, first name, and last name search fields use a wildcard search to find all occurrences of criteria, regardless of position.  

Columns with underlined titles can be sorted. Click a column name to sort the list in ascending or descending order by the values in that column.

Update or Delete a User Profile

You may edit your own user account using the Change Account Details page.

To edit another user’s e-mail address, status, or other account information, use the Manage User Profiles page to search for the user and click the Edit link in the search results table. The record details appear at the bottom of the screen, with Update, Delete, and Cancel buttons underneath.

You can modify all fields except user account, facility ID, and first and last name. If you want to remove a user’s access to NRDR, you must change the Status field to Inactive.

Update the desired fields and click the Update button to save the changes, or click the Cancel button to discard the changes.

Click the Delete button to delete the user account.

Your ability to update or delete user accounts depends on your user role:

  • Facility Users cannot update or delete any user accounts through the Manage User Profiles page, including their own.

  • Registry Administrators may update and delete Facility User accounts for their registry and facility.

  • Facility Administrators can update and delete Facility User and Registry Administrator accounts for their facility.

  • Corporate Account Administrators can update and delete all other user types.

Profiles for administrator user types, i.e. Corporate Account and Facility Administrators, cannot be deleted manually. However, if you add a Corporate Account or Facility Administrator, the current Administrator profile will be deactivated or deleted.

Note: If you need to replace an Administrator, but that person still needs access to NRDR, you can create a Registry Administrator or Facility User account before deactivating or deleting the Corporate Account Administrator or Facility Administrator profile, so they can still log in.

You can only delete users who have not saved or submitted any forms. If you want to remove NRDR access for a user who cannot be deleted from the system, change the user’s Status to Inactive.

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