In addition to creating, updating, and deleting user profiles, the Manage User Profiles page also allows you to invite others to create a NRDR user account.

This function is available to Facility Administrators and Registry Administrators only.

To get started, open the Manage User Profiles page from the Facility Management menu.

If you have access to multiple facilities, make sure to first set your context to the facility for which you want the new user’s initial profile to be created using the pick list in the login banner.Manage User Profiles - Select Facility Context

In the table at the bottom of the page, select the User Type and provide the new user’s First Name, Last Name, and E-mail address. Leave the User Name field set to the default value New User. The Facility ID is automatically populated based on your current facility context, as described above, and cannot be changed in this table. All other fields are optional.Manage User Profiles Page

Note: Registry Administrators can only select Facility User for the User Type field.

Facility Administrators may select Facility Administrator, Registry Administrator, or Facility User. Selecting Facility Administrator deletes the current Facility Administrator account for the facility.

Physician User accounts are created via the Manage Physicians page.

Click the Add button, below the table, to create the new profile and send the invitation. If there are errors or missing fields, an error message appears below the table. If there are no errors, a new row is added to the profiles table with User Profile status of Not Activated, indicating the user has not yet responded to the invitation. The User Name field remains blank until the user accepts the invitation and creates their user name and password.Manage User Profiles - New Profile Added

Initiations expire in 10 days. You can resend an expired invitation by clicking the Resend Invite link in the far-right column of the table.

The invitee receives an e-mail with a Registration Confirmation link. Clicking the link opens the Invitation Activation page.Manage User Profiles - New User Invitation

To create their account, the invitee Invitation Activation Pageselects No at the “Do you have a registered account in NRDR Portal?” prompt. This opens additional fields, with the invitee’s name and e-mail address automatically populated. The invitee enters their desired user name and password and clicks the Continue button to create their new user account.

The invitation expires immediately upon successful completion of the process and cannot be reused.

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