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Change Account Details

The Change Account Details page, from the My Account menu, allows you to update your user name, first and last name, e-mail address, and phone number. And, if you have access to multiple facilities, you can set one as the default each time you log in.My Account Menu - Change Account Details

Make the desired changes and then click the Save button. If changing your user name, make sure to follow the user name rules, and be aware that the name you choose must be unique to NRDR.My Account - Change Account Details

Note: If you change your account user name you may lose the ability to access data through forms or reports for up to 24 hours until security tables are refreshed.

Change Profile Information

At the bottom of the Change Account Details page is a table listing each of the user profiles associated with your NRDR user account. Clicking the Edit link displays the details of a single profile. You can update your name, e-mail address and phone number by making changes and clicking the Update button.

My Account - Change Account Details - User Profile Detail

Note: Users with sufficient permission may update the Status, User Type, and Registries fields through the Manage User Profiles page.

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