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07-12-2019 NRDR 13.6

The following updates are being introduced as part of NRDR release 13.6.

New Aggregate Reports Menu

To help make finding reports easier, the Corporate Account Aggregate Reports menu and individual registry aggregate reports menus have been consolidated into a single Aggregate Reports page available in the main portal menu. This change affects Published Aggregate Reports, such as quarter .PDF and .XLS reports for registries, as well as some new interactive download reports for the DIR. Online Reports for each registry are still available within each registry’s menu.

NRDR Aggregate Reports Page

DIR Report Changes

Several new interactive reports are now available for the DIR:

  • The Corporate Excel Report and Facility Excel Report provide comparisons with registry data using a format similar to the reports currently available in Excel. The Excel versions of these reports will be no longer be available after 2019 Q2.

  • The Interactive Facility Comparison Report provides data similar to the above reports, but with additional visuals and interactive functions to help identify and investigate outliers.

  • A new interactive version of the Leapfrog Report is available as an Interactive Aggregate Report and is formatted for easy export to a PDF file for printing. Data may also be downloaded to a .CSV file. The Excel version of this report will no longer be available after 2019 Q2.

The following list details several DIR Operational Reports that have been sunset, along with their replacements

Additional Updates

In addition to the above functionality, the following updates are included in the release:

  • Interactive reports open in a new browser windowTableau Info Icon and FD Link

  • Report tips are available in interactive reports; hover over the info icon for more information, and click the link to open the report knowledge base article

  • The Manage Scanners function is available to LCSR users to create and maintain a scanner dictionary, complete with settings for each scanner, similar to the functionality previously released for the CTC registry.

  • The export function on the Manage Physicians page creates an Excel file in the same format as the upload template

  • Data file uploads for CTC, GRID, LCSR, and NMD allow files up to 50MB

  • GRID data file version 1.2 is available

  • Data submission status is available in the NRDR Dashboard

NRDR Dashboard Summary

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