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09-20-2019 Announcement NRDR 13.7

The following updates are being introduced as part of NRDR release 13.7

General Updates

  • Exam Unique ID extended to 500 Symbols for GRID and LCSR Data Files

  • LCSR Exam Form users will have the ability to remove practitioner(s) from the dropdown list using a Delete feature.

  • Error message 3045 for CTC, GRID, LCSR, and NMD has been updated to "Physician NPI does not exist for this facility ID/registry"

  • Weekly data quality emails will be sent every Monday to Facility Administrator of any facility which had at least one error during data file and/or web service transaction upload.

CMS Reporting Fees

Corporate account shall be charged MIPS Reporting fee for every physician enrolled by current corporate account ID.  There will be no functionality in the System to charge and pay CMS Reporting fee by Physician Users themselves.  There are 4 types of fees (ACR member Radiologist, non-ACR member Radiologist, non-Radiologist physician, MIPS eligible other clinician).  The CMS Reporting fee rates can be found in the CMS Reporting Fees article.

Share Payment Link

The Share Payment Link function allows the Corporate Account Administrator to send an email with a payment link to any person responsible for payment.  The Share Payment Link button is found on the bottom of the Online Payment form.  The user will receive an email with a unique payment link to make an online payment via PayPal.

Address Autocomplete with Google Places

There is an internal process at the ACR to standardize the address of all existing and future facilities, corporate accounts (both location and billing), and super corporate accounts.  The ACR is standardizing the addresses in accordance with the standard postal format (for example: 123 Peach St, instead of 123 Peach Street).  For most sites the addresses will be updated to the standard postal format automatically.  When an address is verified, the user will see a confirmation message.Address Verified

For each address which cannot be automatically verified, users will have to manually update the address.  

Note: Street Line 1 must contain a street building number and street name only.  Do not put "Attention:" line text or other information in this line which can not be verified by Google Places.

After you have corrected the Street Line 1 text and used the automatically proposed suggestion, verification will happen automatically.  If an address still cannot be automatically verified, you can use the Verify button to see proposed suggestions.

Verify Address

Note: You can correct an address at any time when you login to the NRDR portal, or you can do this during the Renewal application submission.  Draft renewal applications will be generated on November 15th.

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