Facilities participating in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey can use the DIR Leapfrog Report to help complete their survey. This report provides Dose Length Product (DLP) data for pediatric exams using the format for the Leapfrog Survey Section #9B, Pediatric Computed Tomography (CT) Radiation Dose. The report uses data for pediatric patients who have undergone CT of the head or abdomen/pelvis for a select set of studies, as specified in the RPID List section of the report. Results for each body part exam are reported by age group:

  • < 1 Year

  • 1 – 4 Years

  • 5 – 9 Years

  • 10 – 14 Years

  • 15 – 17 Years

  • 18 Years

  • All Patients 0 – 17 Years

  • All Patients 0 – 18 Years

Note: Only body parts and age groups with data are included in the report; if there are no exams for a body part or an age group, that group is not included in the report.

DIR Leapfrog Report - Snapshot

The About This Report tab includes important information, including the time period and other inclusion criteria.

DIR Leapfrog Report - About this Report

Access the reports using the Aggregate Reports menu from theDIR Reports Menu - Aggregate Reports Facility Management menu, then click the Open link next to Leapfrog Report in the Interactive Published Reports section of the page.  

Source data are refreshed daily and reports may be generated for two different time periods, as described in the About this Reports tab. Use the Survey Time Period filter to select whether to create a report by Calendar Year or July to June, then select the desired time period from the Time Period filter.

Note: Because data are refreshed daily, you may now get a preview of data for the current time period to date.

DIR Leapfrog Time Period Filters

The RPID List, in the last report tab, details which standardized RadLex Playbook IDs were mapped to each body part to create the report, as well as how many exams were used in the report for the selected facilities and time period.

DIR Leapfrog RPID List

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