Report Types

There are three types of reports available in NRDR:

  • Aggregate Feedback Reports compare facility performance with regional benchmarks (e.g. similar type, location, census region/division) and national registry benchmarks. Reports are produced quarterly and semi-annually so that sufficient data are available for benchmarking, and the results are posted on the NRDR site in PDF and Excel format. Users are notified, via e-mail, when aggregate reports are loaded and ready.

  • Online Reports allow registry users to query and review data from the registry for their facility. Most reports have filters to help users restrict results using specific criteria.

  • Interactive Reports allow users to query data and gain additional insight through filtering, hovering, and drill-down interactions.

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of how to create, navigate, and export results for the Online Reports generated by registry users. 

Creating Reports

Aggregate Feedback Reports are produced by the NRDR team and posted to the NRDR portal for downloading. Reports may be downloaded via the Aggregate Reports menu item for the appropriate registry.DIR Aggregate Reports Menu Item

For more information on Aggregate Feedback Reports consult the registry folders in Understanding Your Reports.

To create an Online Report, click on the report name under the Reports menu for that registry. GRID Reports Menu

Use the report filter to specify criteria for the report. Users may only view data from their ownGRID Form Submission by Physician Filter

facility so the Facility ID and Name populate automatically and cannot be changed. Click the Submit button to generate the report as an HTML document in a new browser window.

Navigating and Printing Reports

The report navigation tools are located in the upper left corner of the report window. Hover over a button to see its function.Buttons - Report Navigation Tools

Use the navigation buttonsButtons - Report Navigationto move to the first page, previous page, next page, and last page of the report, respectively.

To print a report, click the printerButtons - Printbutton.

To zoom in or out of a report, select a scale percent from the drop-down menu.Buttons - Zoom

Exporting Reports

To export a report in Excel format, click the Export to Excel 97-2000 button in the toolbar at the top of the page.Buttons - Export to Excel 97-2000

To export a report in another format, click the diskButtons - Export Otherbutton. The export options window appears.Report Export Options

 You can select from the following formats:

  • Acrobat Format (PDF)•Crystal Reports (RPT)

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel 97-2000

  • MS Excel 97-2000 (Data only)

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)

Enter the page range to be exported and click the OK button.

Creating a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

If you want to create a spreadsheet that is suitable for printing, use the Microsoft Excel format listed in the Export Options, above. If you want to create a spreadsheet suitable for data manipulation, use the Export to Excel 97-2000 button shown above.