The Dose Information by Exam report lists detailed information about the origin of the exam provided by the scanner. This report provides the total CTDIvol and Dose Length Product (DLP) in series per exam. You can also see CTDIvol and DLP for each series as separate values by using the Summary of Irradiation Events report.

All users may view this report.

There are two versions of the report currently available. Click Dose Information by Exam under the Operational Reports submenu to use the standard version, and select CT Dose Information by Exam from the Interactive Reports submenu to use the interactive version.

Note: The standard version of the report will be retired in the future as we transition to interactive reports.

Dose Information by Exam Standard Report

The standard report filter allows you to refine the search by submission date. The DIR Facility Number and Facility Name are automatically set according tot he facility selected in the pick list in the upper right corner and cannot be changed.DIR Dose Information by Exam Report Filter

You can narrow the data in the report by entering one or both dates in the Submit Date Range fields. If you leave both date fields blank, the report will include all exams and series for your facility. We suggest using a date range of at least three months so that you can review what your CT scanners have been sending since the last quarterly aggregate report.

To run the report, click the Submit button. The report appears in a new window.DIR Dose Information by Exam Report

When reviewing the report, check to make certain there are data submitted for each field. You can use the Export to Excel button to work with the report data in MS Excel so that you can sort and check for missing data elements. You should also verify the names of your exams appear in the Study column. If the Study column is missing for more than 5% of records for a single scanner, or if an entire CT scanner’s exams are missing, please contact us at so we can help diagnose possible data transmission issues.

CT Dose Information by Exam Interactive Report

The interactive version of the report provides similar content as the standard version, with some differences in functionality and layout.

DIR Interactive CT Dose Information by Exam - FilterThe interactive report includes a filter for corporate account as well as a relative date filter. You may select any corporate account and facility ID, as determined by your NRDR user profile.

By default, the relative date filter is set to show data for the current quarter so that you can review data transmitted since the most recent quarterly report period.

Use the Date Range filter to further restrict the report to a specific start and end date.

To run the report, select a value from the Corporate Account filter and click the Apply button. The report includes the same fields as the standard version, but with results sorted by Study Description instead of Study Instance UID.

             The report header includes a count of the number of exams matching the search criteria, as well as the range of study dates.DIR Interactive CT Dose Information by Exam - Sample

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