DIR Reports Menu - Summary of Data Submitted

The Summary of Data Submitted report shows the total number of exams and series submitted by your facility, as well as the date of the last submission. This report can help you confirm the volume of exams and number of localizers processed match what your facility has transmitted.

All users may view this report.

To view the report, click Summary of Data Submitted under the Operational Reports submenu.

The report filter allows you to refine the search by submission date. The DIR Facility Number and Facility Name are automatically filled and cannot be changed.

You can narrow the totals in the report by entering one or both dates in the Submit Date Range fields. If you leave both date fields blank, the report will include all exams and series for your facility.DIR Summary of Data Submitted Report Filter

To run the report, click the Submit button. The report appears in a new window.DIR Summary of Data Submitted - Sample Report

Once TRIAD is installed and you have begun to submit exam data, log in to NRDR and use this report to determine if your exam data are being properly received. Make certain that the report reflects the same volume of exams your facility has been sending. Look to see if we are receiving your localizers and if the most recent exam recorded in the Last Exam Received is accurate within a 48-hour time frame.

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