To select registries, you must first enter the number of physicians and facilities that will contribute data to NRDR. Because this registration is for your Master facility, the counts are for all physical locations you are registering - i.e. all "child" facilities that will be linked to this Master account. The number of radiologists is a headcount, not full-time equivalents, and should include all full-time and part-time employees, interns, residents and fellows who interpret images at your facility.Registration Physician Count by Modality

The table, below, describes the counts entered for the sample registration page, shown above:

How many radiologists and other physicians interpret images?

Enter the total count of interpreting physicians across facilities. At a minimum, it should be the sum of the modality counts; however, it may also be greater than the sum if you will be using either DIR or GRID, because these registries cover all physicians, regardless of modality.

How many perform CT colonography?

Enter the number of physicians who interpret CT colonography exams to be submitted to the CTC registry.

How many perform Interventional procedures?

Enter the number of interventional radiologists who will be using the IR registry.

How many perform mammography exams?

Enter the number of physicians who interpret mammography exams to be submitted to the NMD registry.

How many perform lung screening exams?

Enter the number of physicians who interpret lung screening exams to be submitted to the LCSR.

How many sites (locations) does your facility include?

Enter the total number of physical locations where your practice interprets images, and that will be linked to this Master facility.

After you have entered all physician counts, click the Continue button.

Select Registries

A table of registries, physician counts, and estimated fees appears. The registries listed are determined by the physician counts entered, above. For example, if there are zero Interventional Radiologists listed, then the IR registry is not listed in the table.

Review the rows and select the registries you want to use by clicking the box in the first column, to the left of the registry name.

Note: You can change available registries in the table by changing the physician counts in the upper part of the page and clicking the first Continue button in the middle of the page (highlighted in red). You must uncheck the appropriate Not applicable boxes for any counts that are zero before you can enter a new number. 

Registration - Select Registries

Please note this table is only an estimate of the fees for your facility. Your final invoice may be affected by several factors, as described in the footnotes below the table:

  • Participation in GRID or DIR makes your facility eligible to participate in other registries at no cost, because fees for these registries cover all physicians, regardless of modality.

  • If you elect to participate in MIPS only, the $500 NRDR fee will be waived. However, there will still be a fee determined by the total number of physicians enrolled. This fee is calculated when physicians are added via the Manage Physicians page and enrolled in MIPS.

Click the second Continue button at the bottom of the screen (highlighted in blue) to generate your invoice, or click Cancel to cancel your registration.

If you cancel your registration, your data will be lost and you will not be able to use the Facility Registration number generated earlier.

Review Your Invoice

The Total Invoice page reflects your estimated cost, based on the registry options selected on the previous screen. For MIPS Measures Participation the total cost depends on the number of physicians enrolled. Confirm the accuracy of all registration information and click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Below is a sample invoice. Note that although the Facility Administrator registeredRegistration - Total Invoice this facility for all NRDR Registries, only DIR is listed because DIR fees cover all physicians at the facility, so fees for the remaining registries do not apply. The $0 fee for MIPS (formerly PQRS) is listed as a placeholder and the final fee will be determined by the number of physicians actually enrolled.

Click Submit to advance the process. If you are registering for either GRID or NMD, you will advance to additional registration pages for each of those registries; otherwise, a registration confirmation message appears.

DIR, GRID and NMD Registration Details

If you registered for DIR, GRID or NMD you must complete one more step for each registry:

  • For GRID, you must select whether you will participate at the Gold Level or Green Level. Gold Level participants submit outcome data and receive outcome results in comparison reports. Green Level is selected by default.GRID Registration Detail

  • For NMD, you must select which certified vendor you will use to submit data, using the drop-down menu. NMD Registration DetailIf you have developed your own software for use with NMD, select In-house from the list. If the software you plan to use is not listed, or you have not yet decided which vendor to use, select Other and provide additional information in the box, to the right of the selection.NMD Registration Detail - Other NMD-Certified Vendor

  • For DIR, you have the option to have the Master facility submit data on behalf of Child facilities - e.g. through a single PACS. If you would like to do this, complete your registration and then navigate to the DIR Registration Information page by selecting DIR, Registration Information. Click the box next to question 3, indicating you want to submit data through the Master facility.DIR Registration Information Q3

When registering Child facilities, specify the Master facility ID for question 4.

After completing the registration process a confirmation message appears on screen, you are redirected to the NRDR Homepage for your facility, and a copy of the invoice is e-mailed to the Facility Administrator.

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