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Add Records to Facility Dictionaries

After creating a facility account you may enter records for several dictionaries for the facility:

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  • Scanners dictionary (CTC and LCSR Only) – The Scanners dictionary allows users to maintain a list of scanners and scanner settings to save time during the CTC Exam Form data entry process. The Scanners page opens automatically for CTC registrants. See Manage Scanners for details.

Note: Because the Scanners dictionary is for the CTC and LCSR registries only, the scanners form appears only for facilities applying for the CTC or LCSR registry.

  • Physician Groups dictionary – Facilities may define records for one or more Physician Groups associated with their practice. This step is mandatory for MIPS participants and optional for all others. Records may be edited later via the Manage Physician Groups page.

  • Physician Group TINs dictionary – Because CMS requires MIPS measures to be reported by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), every physician must be associated with a TIN, either as an individual or with their group practice, to complete MIPS reporting to CMS. TIN records may be added, updated, or deleted at any time from the Manage Physician Group TINs form.

  • Physicians dictionary – Each facility maintains a separate dictionary of physicians. Physician records are required for some registries, such CTC and LCSR, so that a physician may be recorded as the interpreting radiologist for exams. Other registries require records for physicians wishing to use the registry to report QCDR quality measures from that registry for the MIPS program. Physicians records may be entered manually or via a bulk-upload process.

Although entering data for these dictionaries is not required during the application process it is good practice to get everything done at once so you can start using the registries as soon as possible.

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