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CTC Registry Startup Guide

Thank you for your interest in joining the CT Colonography (CTC) Registry!  We hope this step-by-step Start-up Guide helps you to get underway with submitting your data and to obtain the most value out of your registry participation. 

The following steps pertain to getting underway with the CTC Registry and include links to articles in Knowledge Base, the National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) user guide.  

The NRDR Team welcomes suggestions for how we can improve this guide and your overall experience with CTC Registry start up and ongoing participation.  Please send your suggestions and comments to

I. Assemble Your Team

Bringing together a team comprised of individuals who can contribute varied expertise will help ensure a successful launch and continued operation of the CTC Registry at your institution. Examples of potential roles are briefly described below.

II. Complete the Application Process and Create an NRDR Account

Facilities new to NRDR wishing to participate in the CTC Registry must complete the application process.  NRDR Knowledge Base articles provide step-by-step instructions.

Note: If a facility already has an NRDR account, only an addendum to the existing participation agreement is needed to register for the CTC Registry. See how to add the CTC Registry to your facility registration. Facilities already participating in the Dose Index Registry (DIR) or General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID), can join the CTC Registry at no additional cost.

III. Get Your Team Signed Up with ACR Login

Team members who will need to access the NRDR portal to manage accounts, enter data or review performance reports will need ACR Login credentials. ACR Login enables users to enter their login credentials one time on a single page to access all their ACR applications. 

Certain ACR Login applications, such as NRDR, require Multifactor Authentication (MFA). MFA necessitates users entering an additional piece of information when logging in for enhanced data security, making it harder for user accounts to become compromised.

Note: Read the Knowledge Base article ACR Login and Multifactor Authentication for more information.

IV. Become Familiar with Options for Submitting Data

Before entering case or exam data, review the Knowledge Base article CTC Data Submission Overview to learn about: 

Note: Many current CTC Registry participants submit data via the manual data entry option. Depending upon your CTC procedure volume, this may be the best option for getting started with submitting data.

Should you encounter technical issues with set up or need assistance, please open a ticket with the NRDR Help Desk.

V. Review Your Reports

Review the CTC Registry Available Reports Knowledge Base article to become familiar with the reports that can help you confirm the data submitted is correctly recorded in the database and to review your facility’s results. Many facilities review reports quarterly or bi-annually, depending upon CTC volume, to ensure data submitted are being received and to observe performance patterns over time for quality improvement purposes.

Facilities using the data file upload method to submit their data can review their upload results with the online Upload Error Report.  

VI. Chart Your Progress

Print the following checklist to chart your progress or download a Word file template

to tailor the checklist to your needs.

Identify CTC Team Members

Physician Champion

Data Coordinator

NRDR Administrator(s)

For Facilities Already Participating in the NRDR


CTC Registry is added to your facility's NRDR registration. (Facilities already participating in the DIR or GRID can join the CTC Registry at no additional cost.)

For Facilities New to NRDR (Review the article Items You’ll Need to Register to carry out the items in this section.)

Create a corporate account

Create a facility account for each site that will contribute data

Review, sign and submit the NRDR Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement

Submit your application and payment

Confirm Staff Who Require NRDR Portal Access Have Set Up an ACR Login and MFA

All persons who need access can successfully log in to the NRDR portal

Choose a Your Data Submission Method (select one of the below) and Enter Data

Manual Data Entry 

CTC Data File Upload

Web-based Data Transmission 

Review Your Reports

Develop a plan for who retrieves and reviews the reports and the frequency of review.

Last reviewed: 05/06/2021

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