Before starting the registration process make sure you have gathered all of the following information:

  • Someone to act as Facility Administrator. This is the most important user role, with the most permissions. Each registered facility must have one, and only one, Facility Administrator. See Understanding NRDR User Accounts and Profiles and Identify a Facility Administrator for more details.

  • List of registries in which your facility will participate

  • Count of actual physicians. Refer to Registry Selection for more details on registry-specific requirements, such as count by modality.

Note: For all registries you will need the number of full-time and part-time radiologists – i.e. total headcount, not FTEs.

  • For GRID participants only, determine whether your facility can provide data for outcome measures and can therefore participate at the Gold Level, or must participate at the Green Level. The participation level has no impact on pricing but does affect which data can be submitted and included in reports.

  • If you have many facilities, determine if you would like to register as a group by linking all your facilities together under a corporate account. Benefits of group registration include consolidated billing, combined reports across all locations, and the ability to coordinate legal agreements. If you plan to register as a group, gather the following information for each site:

    • Facility name

    • Facility category, e.g. academic/university-based, community/hospital-based, etc.

    • Location/community size: 

      • Metropolitan (>100,000), 

      • Suburban/Small (50,000 – 100,000), or 

      • Rural (< 50,000)

    • Trauma Center Level

    • Address, including city, state and ZIP or postal code

    • Phone number(s)

    • NPI number, for facilities joining the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR)

    • Physician Group/Corporate entity: this does not need to be a legal name, just a label. All sites should have the same name to ensure proper billing. See Master Facility Registration for more information.

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