Manage User Accounts vs. Manage User Profiles

The Manage User Accounts page provides much of the same functionality as the Manage User Profiles page, with some additional features. Put simply, the Manage User Accounts page allows you to manage the accounts used to log in to the NRDR portal, and the Manage User Profiles page allows you invite new users to NRDR (and thereby allow them to create a user name and password) and to control what they can do by specifying which facilities and registries they can access. The table, below, summarizes the functions available on each page.


Manage User Profiles

Manage User Accounts

Search for users by facility



Add a new user (create new user account)


Resend a new user invitation


Add or change user type e.g. from Registry Admin. to Facility Admin.


Create or modify user’s access to other facilities


Create or modify user’s access to registries


View all user profiles and registry access for the account



Link user accounts together


Modify user information (user name, e-mail, name)


NRDR - Manage User Accounts.png

The Manage User Accounts page is available to Corporate Account Administrators, Facility Administrators, and ACR personnel only. For these users, the page is found under the Facility Management menu from the ACR NRDR Homepage.


The Manage User Accounts filter allows searches by facility or across all facilities associated with your user account. By default the search criteria are set to look for Active users only, so you must change the Status criteria if you want to find Inactive users. Search results appear in a table below the filter, with links for editing user account information and resetting passwords.

NRDR - Manage User Accounts - User Search.png

Reset a Password or Unlock an Account

Click the Reset Password link to reset a password for a user account, or click Unlock if the account is locked due to too many failed login attempts.

Note: Passwords cannot be reset for inactive user accounts. You first must update the account status to Active, save the changes, and then reset the password.

Edit Account Information

Click the Edit link to open the User Account form and edit any of the fields. Changing a user’s account status to Inactive will deny them access to the portal. You can also change the user name, although the value you pick must still be unique across all NRDR users. Click the Save button to save your changes.

NRDR - Manage User Accounts - Edit Account.png

You may also use the Delete button to permanently delete a user account entirely, or use the Link with Account button to combine it with another existing user account. See Link Accounts for details.

When editing a user account, all of the profiles associated with that account are displayed below the User Account form. Clicking the Edit link in the User Profiles table displays the details for that profile. You may edit some fields, including name and contact information and, in some cases, which registries the user may access.

Note: You must use the Manage User Profiles page to update a profile’s Status or User Type.

NRDR - Manage User Accounts - Edit Profile.png