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The Link Accounts page gives all users the ability to consolidate one user account into another, including all associated profiles. This is useful ifMy Account - Link Accounts a member of your team no longer needs access to NRDR and you need to assume his or her responsibilities.

The Link Accounts function consolidates all user profiles from Account 2 into Account 1, and then deactivates Account 2.

If you have the user name and password for the “donor” user account (Account 2), you can link it to yours using the Link Account page. Start by logging in using the credentials for the account you want to link to – that is, the account that will remain active after consolidation. Then select Link Accounts from the My Account menu. The Link Accounts page appears.

 Your current login credentials appear under the Link to Account 1 section. In the Link from Account 2 section, enter the user name and password credentials for the account to be consolidated into yours, then click the Link Accounts button. The page refreshes and the message User accounts have been linked successfully appears at the bottom of the page.

The credentials for Account 2 are deactivated as part of this process – e.g. user ttester4, from the above example, cannot log in to the NRDR portal.

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