We highly encourage you to review your submitted data at least every two months to help make sure data are flowing accurately and completely to the DIR. You may receive e-mail notices from the NRDR to remind you to perform a “data quality check”, but, even if you do not receive a notice, you are still responsible for performing this critical step in preparation for your next aggregate feedback report.

To determine if we are receiving your data please log into the NRDR portal and follow the steps, below, to conduct checks on your data.

Compare Volume of Exams Received to Volume Transmitted

Use the Summary of Data Submitted report to determine the last time your facility submitted exam data to the NRDR. Run the report, leaving the date range blank to retrieve all data, and compare the NRDR number of exams received with your volume of exams sent. Please contact us at nrdrsupport@acr.org if the difference between the NRDR numbers and your total number of exams submitted is greater than 5%.

If there are discrepancies you should check the volume of exams received per month by using the date range filter to review one month at a time and compare the NRDR monthly total of exams received against your total number of exams submitted.

Determine if Each CT Scanner is Sending Exam Data

There are several reports that can help you verify your CT scanners are all sending data. A good tool to work with is the Dose Information by Exam report. Run the report with a date range of at least the last three months so that you can review what your CT scanners have been sending since the last Executive Summary report (issued quarterly). When the page populates use the Export to Excel button to create a spreadsheet of results and sort them by the columns that contain information about your scanner, such as Institution, Scanner Name and Scanner Model. In this manner, you can review the date that each of your scanners sent exam data to the NRDR. If any data are missing or if an entire CT scanner’s exam data are not appearing in the report, contact the TRIAD Support Team to troubleshoot potential data transmission problems.

You should also check the Study Description column to confirm the names of your exams are being captured. Please contact the TRIAD Support Team if the Study Descriptions for your exam names are missing for more than 5% of the exam for a single scanner.

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