The Exam Detail report provides data for a patient exam, such as the individual irradiation events, that would not otherwise be captured in other reports. Many facilities have found the report useful when researching an outlier.

The Scatterplot Over Time report is a good way to identify outliers by approximate date. Hovering over a data point provides extra details, including the study date, time, and description.

Once you know the study date and description, use the Exam Detail report filter to search for a list of exams for that date to locate information about the patient, such as gender and date of birth.

Click on the Detail button next to an exam to open the report details in a separate html window.DIR Exam Detail Report Filter

The Header and Patient Information sections provide the name of the referring physician, the technologist’s name and additional fields that might not otherwise be displayed in the reports, if these fields are reported by the facility.DIR Exam Detail - Sample 1

Note: Because we do not collect social security numbers or patient names to maintain patient privacy, positively identifying a patient’s exam data may be difficult.

The CT Radiation Dose section summarizes the data across irradiation events.DIR Exam Detail – CT Radiation Dose Sample 2

The rest of the report details data for each irradiation event. In the example shown here, there were six irradiation events, so each is displayed in a separate section.DIR Exam Detail – Irradiation Event Sample 3

Alternatively, you can use the Export search results into Excel button to create and download a CSV file of all data for all records returned by the search. The file contains one row per irradiation event. You can use this option to create a spreadsheet and filter by the Total CTDIvol from SR column to find the exam with the highest value, and then click on the corresponding exam from the search results to get the html formatted report, as shown above.

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