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Using the Mapping Tool's Export and Upload Functions


Use the mapping tool's Export All to Excel and Upload functions when you need to update multiple exam name mappings at one time. The tool may be used for mapping CT exam names to RPIDs and for mapping projection X-ray (fluoroscopy procedures and digital radiolography exam) names to ACR Common Procedure IDs. For information about using the mapping tool for mapping one or several studies, see the Knowledge Base article Using the Exam Mapping Tool.

The Process

Use the following steps to complete the process:  

  1. Click the Export All to Excel button to download all mapping data for your facility into an Excel file. The downloaded Excel file has the naming convention DIR_<your NRDR facility ID>_ExamName-Mappings_<date of download>.xlsx. You may want to make a copy of the downloaded file as a backup.

The Excel file for CT mappings contain five columns:

  • Record ID (prepopulated, cannot be changed)

  • Facility ID (prepopulated, cannot be changed) 

  • Study Description

  • RPID or Predicate values (for CT) or ACRCommonID (for projection x-ray), and

  • Status.DIR ENMT Upload Tool - Excel File

The RecordID is the unique key for each exam-mapping record.

Do not change or delete any of the RecordIDs; otherwise, the system will not be able to locate the exam mapping record or may perform an incorrect mapping.

Both the Study Description and Status columns are displayed as a reference. You do not need to make changes to them; the tool will change the status accordingly in the database after the upload.

  1. To map Not Tagged exams, enter the RPID code (for example RPID145) in the RPID or Predicate values column for the corresponding study. For fluoroscopy, enter the Common Procedure ID number.

Note: You are not required to enter the Shortname or predicate values for the RPID or Common Procedure ID.

DIR ENMT Upload Tool - Exam RPID Entered

  1. To change the mapping of a study to Not Tagged, remove the current RPID/Common Procedure ID for that study, so that the column is blank.

  2. If you need to remap a Tagging Completed mapping, replace the current RPID/Common Procedure ID with a new one.

  3. To mark an exam as Unwanted for CT, enter RPID-UW in the RPID or Predicate values column for that study. Alternatively, you may use RPID00 to mark an exam as Guidance. To mark an exam as unwanted for fluoroscopy, enter Common ID 9999999 Common Name FLUOR.Unwanted or Common ID 9999998 Common Name INV-FLUOR.Unwanted as appropriate.  To mark an exam as unwanted for digital radiography enter Common ID 9999997 Common Name XRAY.Unwanted.

Note: Using either RPID-UW (Unwanted), RPID00 (Guidance), 9999999 (FLUOR.Unwanted), 9999998 (INV-FLUOR.Unwanted), or 9999997 (XRAY.Unwanted) prevents the exam from being included in quarterly aggregate feedback reports.

  1. When you are done, save the file to your hard drive. Go back to the mapping tool and click the Choose File button and search for the Excel file you just updated. Select the file, click Open, and then click the Upload button.DIR ENMT Upload Tool - Choose File

  1. The system asks if you want to proceed; click OK to start the upload.

  1. The upload tool validates the changes you entered in the Excel file. If incorrect RPIDs are found, the tool displays a window to show the upload result and the invalid rows. The number of successfully tagged exams and invalid rows are summarized at the top of the window. Details for invalid records are displayed below the summary counts.DIR ENMT Upload Tool - Invalid Records Window

Note: A record may be invalid because it has an invalid RPID or Common Procedure ID number (see above).

  1. If you know the correct RPID or predicate values you may correct them in this window and click Update Invalid Record to complete the update.

  1. Click the red X to close the window.

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