The Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted report provides a detailed listing of fluoroscopy studies submitted to the DIR, and can help you verify data in the DIR match what your facility has transmitted.

All users except Corporate Account Administrators and Service Users may view this report.

To access the report, click the Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted link under the Interactive Reports submenu.

DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - FiltersThere are interactive filters for Corporate Account, Facility, Study Date, and Station Names. Once a Corporate Account is selected the remaining filters reflect all available values. For example, selecting a single Corporate Account restricts the Facility filter to only those facilities within that Corporate Account.

By default, the Include Data From filter displays data for the past seven days but you may set it to any time frame. Use the Study Date Range filter to further restrict the report to a specific start and end date within the Include Data From time period.

To generate the report, select a corporate account. If no data appear, you may need to expand the time period in the Include Data from filter.

The report title summarizes the number of fluoroscopy studies, station names, and facilities matching the filter criteria, with details for each study listed in the table.DIR Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted - Sample Report

Note: If the table is too wide to fit on the screen, scroll down and click the Full Screen icon in the bottom right corner.

To export data, click the Download icon in the bottom right corner, and select Data to create a .CSV file of the entire table.

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