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11/02/2018 NRDR 13.2.3: New DIR Interactive Reports

NRDR release 13.2.3 is now available and includes three new interactive reports for the Dose Index Registry:

  • CT Dose Information by Exam is an updated version of the existing Dose Information by Exam report. The new version includes improved filters, including a Corporate Account filter and a new date filter that automatically displays data for the quarter-to-date. A summary count of the number of total exams queried is also provided.

  • CT Summary of Data Submitted is the interactive version of the existing Summary of Data Submitted report. In addition to improved filters, the report now displays the number of exams and localizers summarized by study date as well as date submitted to the registry.

  • The new Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted report displays the number of fluoroscopy exams, station names, and facilities, as well as a detailed data for each exam, for DIR Fluoro pilot participants.

Note: The non-interactive versions of the Dose Information by Exam and Summary of Data Submitted reports will continue to be available as we transition to the new versions.

DIR Interactive Reports - FiltersIn addition to the above new reports, we've made some minor changes to the existing Standardized Dose Index Reports. A Corporate Account filter now allows you to select one or more accounts to generate a report for all facilities within the account(s). You can still use the Facility filter to focus on a subset of facilities within the corporate account. We've also added a new date filter to initially display data for the past seven days, rather than the year-to-date, to improve performance and to provide more recent and relevant data when the first set of data are retrieved.

And, with the addition of the first DIR Fluoro report, we've adopted a new naming convention for DIR interactive reports by prefacing each with the modality reflected in the report. Accordingly, Standardized Dose Index Reports and Summary Comparison Report have been renamed CT Standardized Dose Index Reports and CT Summary Comparison Report, respectively.

We continue to work on new and improved interactive reports across NRDR and will launch additional reports in the near future.

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