The easiest way to standardize an exam name is to directly map the RPID (for CT exams) or Common Procedure name (for Fluoro exams) most closely associated with it by using the Search RPID/Search by Common Procedure button found at the bottom of the mapping tool. You can provide search criteria, review and compare the RPID/Common Procedure descriptions with your study description, and select the one most appropriate.

To start the process, first select an exam from the list by clicking the box to the left of the exam description.

Note: The exam name mapping workflow is the same for both CT and Fluoro exams, with some minor differences in labels – e.g. the Search RPID button for CT exams is labeled Search by Common Procedure for Fluoro. For the sake of consistency, the examples in this article refer to CT exams, but the steps are similar for mapping Fluoro study descriptions.


Then, click the Search RPID button. The Search RPID dialog box appears.
DIR ENMT - Search RPID Dialog Box

You can search for exams by various predicates and values. Select values from the drop-down lists, as needed, and then click the Search button. Review the list of RPIDs returned, select the most appropriate one, and then click Assign RPID.

Note: RadLex may change these descriptors from time to time. For an up-to-date list please refer to the RadLex Homepage. The ACR does not influence the content of the descriptors or when they are changed.

Note: For Fluoro, use the Download Common Procedure List button, available in the top right corner of the screen, to generate an Excel file of all available Common Procedure names. Alternatively, you can use the ACR’s interactive tool to navigate the complete listing of available Common Procedures.

If the value in the RPID Shortname column is an insufficient explanation for the exam, you may search for the RPID Longname via the RadLex website.

Example: Assign an RPID to a CT Study Description

Suppose you wish to map the exam name CT ABD PEL WWO IV CON to an RPID. Check the box next to that exam name, and then click the Search RPID button.DIR ENMT Example 1 - Select Exam

The Search RPID pop-up window appears:DIR ENMT Example 1 - Search RPID Pop Up Box

Select the appropriate categories to search for possible RadLex Playbook exam descriptions. 

For example, suppose the exam should be assigned to CT ABD PELVIS WO & W IVCON. Under Body Region, check Abdomen and then check Pelvis, and for Contrast Enhancement select Without then With IV Contrast from the drop-down menus. Click the Search button to query for possible exams.DIR ENMT Example 1 - Search RPID Pop Up Box Selections Made

The list of RPID exams narrows down to Shortnames matching your criteria. Select RPID198 by clicking the radio button next to it, and then click the Assign RPID button.DIR ENMT Example 1 - Search RPID Pop Up Box RPID Selected

The mapping is assigned to the study description and the status is updated to Tagging Completed.

Because the status of the exam name has changed, you can verify the description was assigned correctly by choosing Tagging Completed from the drop-down menu next to the Status button, and looking for the exam in the list of Tagging Completed exams.DIR ENMT Example 1 - Verify  Tagging Completed

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