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NRDR 13.26 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.26 on May 4th, 2024.

NRDR Improvements 

  • Data submission status is now available in the NRDR dashboard for the 3D Printing registry.

  •  A warning message now shows when a duplicate user profile is created in the NRDR Manage User Profiles tab. 

Note: Only Corporate Account Administrators, Facility Administrators and Registry Administrators can add new user profiles in NRDR. Please refer to the Manage User Profiles article for information on how to add new user profiles.

Note: The Service User(s) and Facility Administrator receive monthly reminder emails with active Fluoro skin reaction assessments. Please visit the NRDR Accounts and User Profiles article for more information regarding user profile permissions and the Manage User Profiles article to change or add a profile. 

  • Facility Information Form Changes

    • Radiology Department Scheduling field now available as optional.

    • The Phone field is now renamed to Business Phone.

    • The Location Address field is now renamed Business Location Address. 

    • Public Information section is now available for sites to share their public-facing information. 

    • Instruction is now added to the NMD Certified Vendor field to select In-house for participants who do not use a vendor to submit NMD data.

Screenshot of Facility Information page with aforementioned changes.

Note: Public fields are available to record public-facing information for use in the Lung Cancer Screening Locator Tool. If left blank, information in the Business fields will be displayed.

3D Printing Registry (3D Printing) Changes

  • Data submission for 3D Printing is now able to be uploaded using the 2.0 data template via data file upload or web transmission.

Dose Index Registry (DIR) Changes

DIR-CT Leapfrog and Administrative Aggregate reports are now under the Interactive Reports section of the DIR-CT main menu.

General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) Changes

  • The “Patient wait time (outpatient): MRI without oral contrast“ field in the GRID Monthly Facility form is now renamed “Patient wait time (outpatient): MRI".

  • Instruction to not include Protected Health Information (PHI) in the Exam Unique ID field is now in the GRID data upload file.

  • GRID Annual Facility form changes:

    • Data file 1.1 is now retired and data file 1.2 is required for Annual Facility form.

    • Volume: Number of Procedures - Mammography, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Breast Ultrasound, Ultrasound, MRI without Contrast, MRI with Contrast, MRI with and without Contrast, CT without Contrast, CT with Contrast, CT with and without Contrast, Nuclear Medicine, PET, PET/CT, Radiography, Interventional, Fluoroscopy and Bone Densitometry fields have been retired from section 4.

    • New field Annual Volume of Imaging Procedures added. One selection required. 

    • Number of Accredited Units, Number of Pending Units, Total Number of Units fields are now deleted. 

    • Not Used fields between Number of Admissions during Previous Year and Number of Procedures – Mammography, Wrong Site and Electronic Report Access 24/7, and  Eectronic Report Access 24/7  and Radiologist Consult Required before Ordering Image – IR fields are now deleted.

    • Name of Person Who Completed the Paper Form section is renumbered from 11 to 10. 

    • Name of Person Submitting This Form section is renumbered from 12 to 11.

  • GRID Monthly Facility form changes:

    • Report TAT – Radiography, Report TAT – US, Report TAT – MRI, Report TAT – CT and Report TAT – PET fields now always available on form.

Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) Changes

  • Instruction to not include Protected Health Information (PHI) in the Exam Unique ID field is now in the LCSR data upload file.

  • Registry Administrators will now receive monthly reminder emails for LCSR exams that have follow-up records where CT Diagnostic Exam Results by Lung-RADS Category field = Lung-RADS category unknown/not reported. 

  • Exams where CT Diagnostic Exam Results by Lung-RADS Category field = Lung-RADS category unknown/not reported are now able to be filtered in the LCSR Exam form dashboard.

Exams with an unknown Lung-RADs score are now able to be filter in the LCSR Exam form dashboard.

National Mammography Database (NMD) Changes

  • Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) validation rule is now changed from Required if Modality = 1,4,5,7; not applicable otherwise to Required if Modality = 1,4,5,7; must be 0 or null otherwise in NMD Exam version 3.4

  • 11- N1mi is now an available option for Regional Lymph Nodefield in NMD 3.0 and 3.4 data template versions.

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