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NRDR 13.23 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.23 on April 29th, 2023. 

NRDR New Design (CTC, LCSR, NMD)

A new user interface design is applied to the CTC, LCSR and NMD Registries. The new adjusted design includes smaller font and spacing to allow content to be more compact and require less unnecessary scrolling. Adjustments to table styles are also implemented to make working with table data user friendly. Other common items, such as error messages and account registration pages, also have a new design. Several left menu items are regrouped into the following categories: Data Management, Reports and Resources. However, the user functionality within these sections will remain the same.

NRDR will apply the new user interface to the main NRDR portal in a later release. 

Screenshot of new LCSR landing page design.

Report Changes (MIPS)

Interactive Quality Measures report now visible to MIPS registry participants only.

MIPS Participation Portal highlighting Interactive Quality Measures Report.

Only available to Super Corporate Admin, Corporate Admin, Facility Admin, Registry Admin, Facility User, Physician, Service User and Clinical Lead.

Note: Please visit the NRDR - Understanding Your Reports page if you need information regarding your reports. Please visit the NRDR Accounts and Profiles page for information regarding user accounts.

Exam Name Mapping Settings Change (DIR)

When a facility is linked to another Corporate Account, the mapping settings will be automatically changed to facility-level for all applicable modalities (CT, Projection X-Ray) and existing Corporate Account mappings will be retained. You will be able to adopt the mappings for your new Corporate Account if preferred or leave exams to facility-level mappings.

Note: Please visit the  Exam and Procedure Name Mapping Resource Guide for more information regarding mapping and mapping settings.

Form Changes (CTC, LCSR, NMD)

Changes to the Histology of primary cell types and secondary cell types in the LCSR Exam Form will allow user to select Other as an option in the dropdown selection under Exam B. Follow-up within 1 year.

Screenshot of LCSR Exam Form with Other options available in Histology of primary and secondary cell type.

Changes to T Status section in LCSR Exam Form will now allow user to select T0 as an option.

Screenshot of LCSR Exam Form with T0 option added in T Status section.

Biopsy Procedure field Unknown/Not Applicable option now updated to read Unknown/Not Applicable/Not Available in NMD 3.0 and 3.4 data upload files. 

Biopsy Procedure elements include:

  1. Fine needle aspiration cytology

  2. Core biopsy

  3. Cyst aspiration - diagnostic

  4. Incisional biopsy

  5. Excisional biopsy

  6. Mastectomy

  7. Unknown/Not applicable/Not available

NMD-certified vendor options in the Facility Information Form have changed to include Volpara being added as a new option. Aspen and Tombolo have been removed. Former Aspen selections have been transferred to Volpara and Tombolo selections have been transferred to Other: Tombolo.

Screenshot of NMD Certified Vendors.

Registry Case Number has been changed to Registry Exam Number in the CTC Exam Form. Case Registration Date field has been removed.Screenshot of CTC Exam Form with Registry Exam Number column highlighted.

Data File Upload and Process Changes (CDSR, CTC, LCSR, GRID, NMD, Manage Physicians)

Time and date format in GRID Exam Datafile uploads will now be accepted with or without leading zeroes. Date format will now be accepted as MM/DD/YYYY or M/D/YYYY. Time format will be accepted as HH:MM:SS or H:M:S. 

  • Changes will apply to:

    • Date Exam Completed

    • Time Exam Completed

    • Date Final Report Signed

    • Time Final Report Signed

You will now be able to generate or download detailed data file validation information for large files via the Action Items column in the Web Service Transaction Status page. Files with larger errors/warnings will generate as a background task and you will receive an email notification once the validation log file is ready. Files with smaller errors/warnings will be downloaded as an .xlsx file that is able to be re-uploaded back into the system on the Upload Data form.  

You will now be able to view detailed data file validation information as a web form for uploads of 1,000 rows or less by selecting Show Log File in the Data File Process Status form.

Screenshot of Data File Process Status form highlighting option to show log file.


Null values or spaces will no longer be accepted in the uploaded data file name for all registries. You must provide a character value for all spaces and null values.

New implementation will allow bigger files with physician’s data to be uploaded to the Manage Physicians portal in NRDR without being timed out. You will also be able to see progress and status of the larger data file and download the validation log file.

You are now able to search uploaded data files by file name in CTC, GRID, LCSR and NMD registries.

Screenshot of Data File Process Status form highlighting File Name filter option.

Note: If you are having issues uploading data, please submit a NRDR Support ticket.

Link Exam to Facility View History Functionality (CTC, LCSR)

You are now able to view the history of exams moving from one facility to another using the Link Exam to Facility function for CTC or LCSR exams by selecting the View History link for that exam. The log will show the facility in which the record came from and date of change.

Screenshot of View Link Exam History table.


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