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NRDR 13.24 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.24 on September 30, 2023.

NRDR Improvements

  • You are now able to save custom views in interactive reports. After selecting the filters you wish to refine your data, select view in the bottom right-hand corner. Once that is selected, you can name and save your view. You are also able to see other views you've created.

  • NRDR Support articles for forms are now listed under the Resources section of CTC, GRID and LCSR landing pages.

Forms freshdesk articles now available under Resources link in GRID, CTC and LCSR landing pages.

  • You are now able to filter by Corporate Account ID in the Web Service Transaction Status form for CDSR, CTC, GRID, LCSR and NMD.

Web Service Transaction Status form allowing to search by Corporate Account ID for CDSR, CTC, GRID, LCSR and NMD.

  • Social Security Numbers (SSN) and old Medicare Beneficiary IDs (MBIDs) are now able to be entered with or without hyphens. Changes apply to: 

  • Manage Patients

  • CTC Exam form

  • LCSR Exam form

  • CTC Data file upload

  • LCSR Data file upload

  • NMD Data file upload

  • CTC JSON upload 

  • LCSR JSON upload

  • NMD JSON upload

Note: Hyphens will automatically be provided for SSN on web forms and will be stored in the system as such. The system will accept SSN with or without hyphens for uploading via the data file upload or JSON submission. Old MBIDs will now be stored without hyphens. Web form submission, data file upload and JSON submission will allow old MBIDs be entered with or without hyphens.

  • A view history button has been added to the Manage Physician Group TIN and Manage Physician Authorization Documentation tabs in NRDR that allows you to see when documents were uploaded, deleted, and changed.

View history button available in Manage Physician Group TIN Documentation and Manage Physician Group Authorization Documentation tabs in NRDR.

  • The last page you visited in NRDR will now be remembered and displayed upon logging back in after the session expires due to 15 minutes of inactivity.

  • Read-only fields are now distinguishable from editable fields in relevant forms. 

Read-only fields are grayed out while editable fields are white to be appear more apparent to users.

Modality Specific Registry Administrator Profiles (DIR) 

In the Manage User Profiles portal in NRDR, you are now able to designate modality-specific registry administrators for the Dose Index Registry to receive targeted emails. 

Modality specific registry administrator profiles now available for DIR in Manage User Profiles tab.

Note: Modality-specific Registry Admin accounts will have the same privileges as the current Registry Admin account and are for email purposes only. All existing Registry Admin accounts are assigned the CT modality. You are able to edit user profiles and add additional DIR modalities using the steps above.

Simplified data submission for 3D Printing 

A new data schema is implemented for the 3D Printing registry that allows for simpler data submission. All existing cases have been migrated to this new schema. The order of descriptors for “Sex” has been changed to be consistent with other NRDR registries. 

Note: for more details, please refer to the 3D Printing registry Data Dictionary version 2.0

Filter Profiles by Modality in Manage Device Profiles (DIR)

Projection X-Ray device profiles can now be designated and filtered by modality type (Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiography, and Radiographic Fluoroscopy) in the Manage Device Profiles tab in NRDR. Based on the modality selection, specific input fields will populate to allow you to enter specific device profile information. 

Manage device profiles showing RF, Fluoro and DR modalities

Modality-specific Excel files are available if you wish to edit your devices by using the data file upload function. You must change the modality filter to the desired modality in order to download the appropriate data file. 

Three data files per modality by toggling to desired modality and selecting "data file".

Report Changes

The Fluoro/DR Summary of Data Submitted report is now split into two reports: Fluoro Summary of Data Submitted and DR Summary of Data Submitted.

Form Changes

Study Date and Time filters have been added to the DIR Exam Detail report.

Study date and time field in DIR Exam Detail report.

Breast Ultrasound field is now required only if CPT code is not provided and the modality is Mammography, Ultrasound or Other. Changes apply to: 

  • GRID Exam data file upload

  • GRID Exam data file upload templates

  • JSON mapping specs

IP: Inflammatory or infectious process is now an option for the reason for recall field. Changes apply to:

  • LCSR Exam web form

  • LCSR 1.6 data file

  • LCSR 1.6 data file template

  • LCSR JSON mapping 1.6

  • LCSR Exam Detail report

  • LCSR Data Export report

IP: Inflammatory or infectious process now an option in the reason for recall field for LCSR exam forms.

The Lung-RADS version used to report results field is now required. Changes apply to:

  • LCSR exam web form

  • LCSR 1.6 data file

  • LCSR 1.6 data file template

  • LCSR 1.6 JSON mapping

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