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NRDR 13.15.4 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.15.4 on May 1, 2021.

COVID Vaccination Data Elements Added to CTC, LCSR, and NMD Registries

New file versions will be implemented for CTC, LCSR, and NMD that allow sites to capture a patient's COVID vaccination information.  The data elements that can be captured are:  COVID vaccine, vaccine date, vaccine type, and vaccine site.  These data elements can also be entered for a patient on the Manage Patients page.

Patient Race Codes Updated for CTC, LCSR, and NMD

Patient race codes across CTC, LCSR, and NMD are being harmonized.  The new race codes are reflected in the new file versions for CTC, LCSR, and NMD.

  • CTC file v1.3 and LCSR file v1.5 patient race codes 1 and 2, American Indian and Alaska Native respectively, have been combined into race code 1 American Indian or Alaska Native.  Patient race code 2 will be retired and no longer accepted in the newest file versions.  Sites submitting data in the previous file versions will have the race code 2 mapped in the registry database.  

  • NMD v3.3 will now include a data element for patient race.    

The updated race categories will also be reflected on the Manage Patients page.

Manage Physician Group TINs

A status filter has been applied to the Mange Physician Group TINs page.  When a user open the page, only "Active" TINs will be displayed.   Users can search the "Inactive" TINs using the filter on the page.  

3D Printing

3D Printing has added some new data elements and expanded options for existing data elements.  Updates can be found in the 3D Printing Data Dictionary.

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