The LCSR Data Mapping file describes each data element for LCSR data submission, including valid values and data formats. The layout is divided into three sections

  • Transaction Header record (applicable for web-based data transmissions only)

  • Exam records (required)

  • Follow-Up Data (as needed)

There are separate mappings for data file uploads and for web services transmissions. 

Version 1.1 updates include

  • Data File Uploads require the File Version Number field and may also contain the optional Facility ID field to allow data for multiple facilities to be included in a single file. Neither of these fields is applicable for web services data transmissions.

  • Optional Medicare Beneficiary ID (MBID) fields added

Note: The LCSR will still accept data files using version 1.0 data mappings; however, facilities must use version 1.1 to report new MBIDs.


LCSR_Data_File_Mapping_1.0, October 26, 2018

LCSR_Data_File_Mapping_1.1, October 26, 2018

LCSR_Web_Services_JSON_Mapping_1.1, October 26, 2018