The LCSR Data Mapping file describes each data element for LCSR data submission, including valid values and data formats. The layout is divided into three sections

  • Transaction Header record (applicable for web-based data transmissions only)

  • Exam records (required)

  • Follow-Up Data (as needed)

There are separate mappings for data file uploads and for web services transmissions. 

After September 30, 2019, Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of LCSR will no longer be accepted.

Version 1.2 updates include:

    Reason for recall: Addition of an “unable to complete” descriptor and a free text field.

    Cancer-related history: Addition of a free text field for the “other” descriptor.

    Occupational exposures to agents that are identified specifically as carcinogens targeting the lungs: Addition of an “other, specify” descriptor and a free text field.

    Overall stage: Addition of new descriptors IA1, IA2, IA3, IIIC, IVA and IVB.

    T status: Additions of new descriptors T1mi and T1c.

New fields:

    AJCC Cancer Staging Manual edition used for staging, with these descriptors:

        7th edition

        8th edition


    Lung-RADS version used to report results, with these descriptors:




    Follow-up Unique ID, an optional field in which you may provide an identifier to link back to your internal follow up record. This field is applicable to web transmissions only.


LCSR_Data_File_Mapping_1.2, May 10, 2019

LCSR_Web_Services_JSON_Mapping_1.2, May 10, 2019