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NRDR 13.16 Release Notes

The following update is being introduced as part of NRDR version 13.16 on July 31, 2021.

Corporate Account and Facility Management

  • The NRDR Dashboard table has been updated to show data submission status for the current and previous calendar year.

  • Facility Name, on the Facility Information page, can now contain up to 100 characters. The Facility Name field was previously capped at 45 characters.

  • DICOE status will be marked at the facility level by ACR staff after the completion of the designation and a 15% discount will automatically be applied to any invoicing received during this DICOE cycle.  A coupon will no longer be needed to claim the DICOE discount.

  • A new Merge Patients Upload page allows users to merge patients using an Excel template.  Users will be able to download template, upload merge file, and track the file upload process and later download a log file with upload summary.

New Date of Birth Data Validation Rules

  • Birthdates prior to 01/01/1900 will not be acceptable when entered for patients in the Manage Patients page

  • For CTC, LCSR, NMD a new data validation rule has been implemented that requires date of exam > date of birth

CTC Registry Updates

  • CTC Case Registration Form and CTC Exam Form pages include:

    • New filter options allow users to filter by Form Status, Form Submitted by, and Form Submission Date.

    • New columns in the tables are Form Submitted by, Form Submission Date, and Action.  

    • Within the Action column, users can Cancel, Restore, or view the History of a specific case or exam with out having to open the form.

  • CTC Accrual Report: The report creation criteria has been simplified to an exam date range. If no date range is entered, the report will count all records.

  • CTC Measures- Aggregate Report: A new interactive report that provides summary data for a facility's CTC measures with trend data and comparison to peer groups.

  • CTC Summary of Data Submitted: A new interactive report that provides an overview of data flowing into the CTC registry.  The report displays the proportion of cases that are in In Progress and Pending status, number of cases by day, and various Case and Exam form fields for the selected data.

DIR Update

  • The new DIR Exam Name Mapping Settings page displays the level of exam name mapping for a facility.   Corporate Account Administrators and Service Users can set up exam name mapping rules for CT exams and Projection X-ray (Fluoro and DR) procedures by selecting one of the following options:

    • Corporate Level Name Mapping: this option automatically applies the mappings to ALL facilities within the corporate account.

    • Facility Level Name Mapping: this option applies mappings to ONLY the selected facility and not to any other facility within the corporate account.

LCSR Updates

  • The Exam Registration Date field will be removed from the LCSR Exam Form web form. 

  • In LCSR v1.4 and 1.5, History of Cancer has a new available value 88-Unknown whether the patient has a history of cancers associated with an increased risk of lung cancer 

  • LCSR v1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 data validation rule updated for data fields Stage - Clinical or pathologic? and Overall stage.  The data validation rule changes are in bold below.

    • Stage - Clinical or pathologic?

    • If Tissue_Diagnosis is 2, 3, 5, or 9, then Stage_Clinical_Or_Pathologic is required;

      If (Tissue_Diagnosis is 4, 7, 8, 10 or 11) or (Followup_Diagnostic is 'PET/CT'), then, Stage_Clinical_Or_Pathologic is applicable but optional;
      If Tissue_Diagnosis = 8 then Stage_Clinical_or_Pathologic must = 1 or null

    • Overall stage

    • if Tissue_Diagnosis is 2, 3, 5, or 9,  then Overall_Stage is required;   

    • If (Tissue_Diagnosis is 4, 7, 8, 10 or 11) or (Followup_Diagnostic is 'PET/CT'), then, Overall_Stage is applicable (optional).
      Otherwise, this field should be blank.
      N3 = Unknown
      For “tissue diagnosis”, “clinical – without histology” maps to 8.
      For “stage – clinical or pathologic”, “clinical” maps to 1.

  • LCSR v1.4 and 1.5 data validation rule updated for data field Histology.  The data validation rule changes are in bold below

    • If Tissue_Diagnosis is 2, 3, 5, or 9, then Histology is required;

      If Tissue_Diagnosis is 4, 10 or 11, then Histology is applicable but optional;

      otherwise, this field should be blank.

  • The following patient information will be added to the LCSR Data Export report:  Last 4 of SSN, Other ID, Last 4 of Old MBID, New MBID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Sex, and Date of Birth.  These fields shall be visible for Facility Administrator and Registry Administrator for the applicable facility ID only, and shall be masked out for other user roles.

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