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NRDR v13.11 Release Notes

NRDR v13.11 will be released the evening of Monday, June 22, 2020.  The following updates are being introduced as part of NRDR release v13.11.  Updates are grouped by registry below.


Users will be able to view all exams and transactions for their associated facilities without changing the facility in the facility picker. This change applies to the following pages: Exam, Upload Data, Data File Process Status, and Transaction History.

3D Printing Registry

The 3D Printing registry is now available for data submissions.  Prior to data submission, please review the 3D Printing Data Dictionary and data submission instructions.  At this time the 3D Printing Registry is only collecting cases occurring in 2020.  In the next NRDR release a new "Case Year" field will be added to the registry to permit collection of cases from prior years.


Links for the CDSR Interactive Report and  CDSR Sample Report are now available on the CDSR landing page.  These reports are available on the R-SCAN dashboard, and an ACR username and password is needed to access the reports.


A new interactive report, Fluoro Standardized Dose Index Report, is a useful way to query exams using a variety of criteria and identify unusual patterns or outliers for DIR Fluoroscopy dose indices.  This is an exam level report and is available to all users except Super Corporate Account Administrators and Corporate Account Administrators.  This interactive report contains the following reports in its submenu: Exam Search, Scatterplot, Boxplot by Scanner, Boxplot by Procedure, and Index Comparison.


A new interactive report, GRID Facility Summary Report, provides summary turnaround time statistics by Modality, Place of Service, and Number of Readers for one or more of your facilities.

A new interactive report GRID Measures Aggregate Report, provides peer comparison, facility comparison, and decile rankings.  Peer comparison ranks performance of a single facility against peer groups.  Facility comparison ranks performance against the registry for multiple selected facilities, allowing comparison across facilities.  Summary rankings are also given.  Decile rankings rank performance against the registry with rankings given in deciles, similar to the approach used for MIPS reporting.  Multiple facilities may be selected.

The following data fields have been removed from the GRID Facility Form web form: Non-NSF Gd reactions, Reactions for patients with implanted devices, Fluoroscopy time routinely reported, Voice recognition software used for reporting purposes, and Access to images 24/7.

The following data fields have been removed from the online GRID Monthly Data by Facility web form: CT exams performed with HOCM/LOCM, and Extravasations from CT exams with HOCM/LOCM.

A new permitted value, "Liver nodule" was added to the GRID 2.0 "Final report findings" data element.


A new interactive report, LCSR - Exam Measures, allows users to view a facility's exam data that contribute to a selected LCSR measure.  It includes comparisons to national peers.

A LCSR Locator Tab, has been added to the LCSR - Measures Aggregate report.  The LCSR is introducing a Facility Locator later this year to help patients find Lung Cancer Screening sites that are LCS Designated Centers or participating in the LCSR.  Users will be able to enter their ZIP Code, specify a locale radius, and retrieve the name, distance, address, and telephone number of sites near them.  To help prepare for this new functionality it is important we have standardized facility information across the LCS Designated and LCSR sites.  To get started, enter the ZIP Code for your facility and select a desired distance.  If you see a red exclamation mark next to one of your sites, you can work with your Corporate Account Administrator and/or Facility Administrator to correct the information on the NRDR Facility Information page. 

The following data element and logic changes will go into effect:

  • "Years Since Prior Diagnosis of Lung Cancer"  is optional if:

    • Prior History of Lung Cancer - C-Modifier = "yes" or Null.  

    • It is not applicable otherwise.

  • There is a new permitted value labeled "Malignant, carcinoid" for "Tissue diagnosis" on the manual form and in the file specifications.

The LCSR Data Export will contain two new columns, Exam Unique ID and Last Transaction Date.


A new interactive report, NMD Data Quality, provides a series of summary and detail tables and charts for a selected data History ID.  The report is intended to help users validate the data sent to the registry are accurate and complete.

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