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NRDR 13.15 Release Notes

NRDR 13.15 will be released on December 23, 2020.  The following updates will be introduced as part of NRDR release version 13.15.

New File Versions and Data Element Changes

  • 3D Printing:  A new value "Surgical Resin" will be available for selection in the Materials field when Technology is "Vat Photopolymerization".

  • CTC Exam Form Update:  The CTC Exam form selections have been clarified for element 328.1 "At least one polyp ≥ 10 mm".  These changes apply to web-based data transmission and flat file upload but DO NOT require any changes for vendors or users.

    Existing Value Text (prior to NRDR 13.15)New Value Text (beginning NRDR 13.15)
    Unknown (e.g., outside medical records not available)
    It is unknown whether an optical colonoscopy was performed (e.g., outside medical records not available)
    Confirmed at optical colonoscopyConfirmed at optical colonoscopy or surgery
    Not seen at optical colonoscopyNot seen at optical colonoscopy or confirming surgery
    Optical colonoscopy not performedOptical colonoscopy or confirming surgery not performed

New NMD Exam Search Interactive Report

A new NMD Exam Search interactive report will display all NMD exam records submitted by the participant. The NMD Exam Search report provides an interface to search for and download a subset of NMD data elements submitted to the registry along with outcome measures for each exam, when available. 

Physician Group TIN Management

There is a new functionality on the Manage Physician Group TIN form that allows the user to export a list of TINs into an xlsx data file. The file can be updated and then uploaded back into the system. This should help corporate accounts with a large amount of TINs perform bulk updates.

User Interface Design Change - Continues with CDSR, Assess-AI and LI-RADS

The NRDR platform is undergoing a gradual change to the user interface design.  This is being rolled-out on an individual registry basis and will ultimately complete with a change to the cross-registry pages.  The 3D Printing and DIR registries have already made this transition.  In NRDR 13.15, the user interface will be updated in CDSR, Assess-AI and LI-RADS registries.  User functionality will not change.

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