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NRDR 13.10 Release Notes

The following updates are being introduced as part of the NRDR 13.10 release. NRDR 13.10 will be released on Saturday February 29, 2020.

Data File Process Status

To check the status of your file upload, select Data File Process Status from the Data Collection menu on the CTC, GRID, LCSR or NMD page.  New columns are added to the table to display the number of records added with warning and the number of records updated with warning.

Data File Process Status

Medicare Beneficiary ID (MBID) Validation on Web Form

MBID is submitted in LCSR, NMD, and CTC data submissions.  Starting with NRDR 13.10, data validation rules on the web form will preclude a user from entering the new MBID in the old MBID data field during manual submission.  If an old MBID is entered in the new MBID field, an error will notify you of the invalid data entry. 

Alternative Physician Name: Alias

If a physician goes by a different name than is recognized by CMS, users are now able to include an alternative physician name or alias.

Alternative Physician Name or Alias field in Add New Physician Form

"L3045 Warning Physician NPI does not exist" Message

The NPI number will now be included in the "L3045 Warning Physician NPI does not exist" message allowing the user to quickly identify the NPI that was entered incorrectly.

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