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NRDR 13.14 Release Notes

NRDR 13.14 will be released on November 30, 2020.  The following updates will be introduced as part of NRDR release version 13.14.

Changes to Manage Physicians and Manage Patients Pages

On the Manage Physicians page, there is a new History function that allows Corporate Account Administrators, Facility Administrators, and Registry Administrators to view the history of changes made with a physician record.  

A new Potential Duplicate Patients Report is available from the Manage Patients page.  Corporate Account Administrators, Facility Administrators, and Registry Administrators can access this report by clicking the Potential Duplicate Patients button.  The report will open in a new tab.  Duplicate patients can be merged on the Manage Patients page or the Potential Duplicate Patients Report.  With this release, users can merge cancelled patients with an active patient. 

New File Versions and Data Element Changes

  • CTC v1.2 Data Element changes and corresponding web exam form updates.  Polyp forms have been removed from data file v1.3 and web forms.  The new CTC Data Upload File version can be found here.

  • LCSR v1.4 Additional Risk Factors are now required for patients who do not meet USPSTF screening criteria.  There are also new options in data fields Tissue Diagnosis and Insurance.  The new LCSR Data Upload File version can be found here.

  • GRID Exam v2.1 An optional TIN field has been added.  If TIN provided, a validation occurs to verify this TIN belongs to this Facility ID, registry and NPI. The new GRID Exam Data Upload File version can be found here.

New NMD-Certified Software Vendor

Cerner, a newly approved NMD-certified software partner, now appears on the dropdown menu of NMD software.

DIR New User Interface Design

A new user interface design will be applied to the DIR page. NRDR is applying this new user interface one registry at a time.  Other registries will update in future releases.  User functionality will be the same, the left menu items have been regrouped into the following categories: Data Management, Reports, and Resources.

Manage DIR-Fluoro Device Profiles

DIR-Fluoro users will be able to see their fluoroscopy devices on the new Manage Device Profiles page. The Manage Device Profiles link is located under Data Management on the DIR landing page.  The fluoroscopy equipment is populated from RDSRs submitted to the DIR.  Users are able to populate the following information: equipment status, year of manufacture, classification type, location of dose reference point, single point dose index correction factor, and substantial radiation dose level (SRDL).


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