Accessing the Tool

To access the Exam Name Mapping Tool, start by logging in to NRDR, then select DIR from Registry menu, and then select Exam Name Mapping from the DIR Registry menu.DIR ENMT - Menu Item

Note: Exam Name Mappings created at the corporate account level override mappings created for individual facilities with the account - e.g. a mapping for Study Description A at the corporate account level supersedes all mappings for that study description created by subordinate facilities.  Please coordinate with your Corporate Account Administrator, or contact the NRDR Help Desk if you have questions.

A list of all exam names that have been sent to the DIR from your facility appears:DIR ENMT - Home Screen

The Search Function

There are several search functions available to help you sort through your facility’s exam records.

The Exam field allows you to select a subset of exam names. For example, if you type abdomen in the text box and then click the Search button, the search returns all exams with the term “abdomen” appearing anywhere in the description. The search is not case sensitive.DIR ENMT - Exam Search

Use the Clear button to reset the page to show all exams.

The Status field features a drop-down menu so you can select exams that are in various stages of “tagging” or mapping.DIR ENMT - Status Drop-Down

All exams for new facilities initially appear as either Not Tagged or Tagging Suggested.

The RPID field allows you to search by a specific RPID number.DIR ENMT - RPID Search

Note: Unlike searching by Exam, searching by RPID requires an exact match – e.g. the criterion RPID1 only returns records tagged with RPID1, and criterion RPID143 only returns records with RPID143.

You may also click on a letter of the alphabet to select all exam names beginning with that letter. For example, if you click on the letter H, the search returns all exams starting with that letter.DIR ENMT - Search by Letter

At a Glance Summary

The At a Glance line across the top of the page summarizes the number of exams for each Status. Clicking on the link next to each status executes a search for the specific Status selected – e.g. clicking on the 11 next to Tagging Completed retrieves all 11 exams with status Tagging Completed.DIR ENMT - At-a-Glance Shortcut

Mapping Exams

There are several ways to map exam study descriptions to RPID values

  • Assign an RPID to a single exam by selecting it and clicking the Search RPID button, found at the bottom of the mapping tool.

  • Upload multiple mappings by clicking the Export All to Excel button to create and download a file of all of your exams. You may then update the file and use the Upload button to apply the updates to your mappings.

  • Create your own mapping (subject to RSNA review) for a single exam by clicking the Build Your Own Mapping link, in the Action column. You can also Build mappings for multiple exams by selecting them and clicking the Build Your Own Mapping Multiple button, at the bottom of the screen.

Mark Exams as Tagging Completed

After you have reviewed the RPIDs for exams with the status Tagging in Process and Tagging Suggested you may change the status to Tagging Completed. Select each exam whose status you wish to change by clicking the box to the left of the exam and then click the Mark Selection as Tagging Completed button in the lower right corner of the page.DIR ENMT - Mark as Tagging Completed

If you wish to mark all exams with status Tagging Suggested at the same time, you may do so by selecting Tagging Suggested under the drop-down menu by the Status button and then clicking on Mark all Tagging Suggested as Tagging Completed.

Please do not click this button unless you have reviewed all the suggested tags.

Change the RPID for Tagging Completed Exams

If you assigned an RPID to an exam and later decide that you want to change the RPID, you may change it by selecting the exam and then clicking the Mark as Not Tagged button. This will change the status to Not Tagged and you may re-assign it to a different RPID.DIR ENMT - Mark as Not Tagged

Comments and Audit Log

If you are not able to tag an exam name the way that you would like, you can use the comment box to explain why you are having problems. To add a comment, click on the Comments button and a comment box appears. Type your comment in the bottom box and then click on Add CommentsDIR ENMT - Comments Box

To see your comment, click on the Comments button again, and your comments will appear in the top box along with the date and time that you made your comments.DIR ENMT - Show Test Comments

Click the Audit Log button to see a summary of all changes for a particular exam. DIR ENMT - Audit Log

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