The Exam Search tool is a useful way to query exams using a variety of criteria.

You can access the report by selecting Exam Search from the menu, after logging in to the report tool. The report may be filtered by

  • Age Group

  • Exam Date range

  • Scanner(s)

  • Exam Type, using either RadLex Playbook IDs (RPIDs) or your facility‚Äôs Study Descriptions

The sample report, below, shows the exams for all scanners and RPIDs for the 2016 calendar year. The results appear in table form, to the right of the search filter, with CTDIvol, SSDE, and DLP data for each exam. The summary at the top of the results table shows there are 2,400 records for these criteria.

DIR SDIR - Exam Search Sample 1

Clicking the Detail button opens a new browser window with more information for the selected exam, including the location of the CT scanner, device and patient information, series, and scan data.

DIR SDIR - Exam Search - Detail

In addition to the standard filters, there are several additional controls available to help you navigate the report.

  • Use the Order By dropdown menu to display results by ascending or descending Study Date or CTDIvol.

  • Use Record Display to set the number of rows to return, up to a maximum of 10,000 rows.DIR SDIR - Exam Search Order by and Records Controls

  • Study Instance UID, below the Study Description report filter, allows you to select a specific study.

  • The threshold filter allows you to query exams with values above a set limit. You can specify whether to apply the threshold to CTDIvol, SSDE, or DLP measures in sum total for an exam, or just for the maximum value across all scans.

DIR SDIR - Exam Search Order by and Threshold Controls

In the example, below, we refined our results to only show those exams with SSDE Total for Exam greater than or equal to 100 mGy.

DIR SDIR - Exam Search SSDE above 100

You can export the query results to an Excel file by clicking the Excel button, next to the Total Records summary.

Note: The number of records exported is limited to the value set in the Record Display control. In order to download all records, make sure Record Display is set to a value greater than the number of records that will be returned in your query.