The Exam Search tool is a useful way to query exams using a variety of criteria.

You can access the report by selecting Standardized Dose Index Reports from the Interactive Reports menu.

Select one or more Facility IDs, then select one or more RPIDs to query data into the report. You may also adjust criteria for

  • Exam Year and Date Range

  • Age Group

  • Querying by RPID or Study Description

  • Body Part

  • Scanner(s)

The sample report, below, shows the exams for all scanners and RPIDs since August 22, 2016. The results appear in table form, to the right of the search filter, with CTDIvol, SSDE, and DLP data for each exam. 

DIR SDIR - Exam Search Sample 1

Click on any of the CTDIvol, SSDE, or DLP measures to display detailed information about that exam.

DIR SDIR - Exam Search - Detail