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DIR Interactive Reports

DIR Interactive Reports allow you to analyze DIR measure data for your participating facilities using customized criteria. The reports can be a useful tool to identify outliers, find missing data and gaps in data transmissions, and highlight other patterns for further investigation.

See Working with Interactive Reports for a general overview on how to use the report software.

Standardized Report Data

Some interactive reports, such as CT Standardized Dose Index Reports use the same processed and standardized data as DIR aggregate feedback reports. Standardized reports

  • incorporate data from localizers to calculate size-specific dose estimates (SSDE),

  • normalize dose indices based on phantom size for fair comparison with other facilities (head exams standardized to 16cm and body exams standardized to 32cm phantoms),

  • standardize exam names, using the RadLex Playbook ID (RPID) mappings created by your facility, so that data may be compared to registry benchmarks, and

  • exclude inapplicable data such as dose indices associated with timing runs.

More information on the standardization process is available in The ACR Computed Tomography Dose Index Registry: The 5 Million Examination Update.

Note: When querying Interactive Reports, keep in mind data for the most recent seven days may not be complete and fully accurate because we are continually processing and standardizing the data flowing into DIR from TRIADTM.

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