The Exam Search tool is a useful way to query exams using a variety of criteria.

You can access the report by selecting CT Standardized Dose Index Reports from the Interactive Reports menu.

Select at least one Corporate Account and click Apply to retrieve data. By default, the remaining report filters are set to retrieve exams for all facilities for the current month for all RPIDs and scanners.

Use the following report filters to refine the data returned in the report:

  • Facility lists all facilities associated with the selected corporate account(s)

  • There are two separate filters for study dates

    • Include Data From specifies the time period to include, relative to today. The filter is set to Current Month by default

    • Exam Date Range displays the range of exam dates actually available and can be used to narrow the time frame to a range within the Include Data From time period

  • Age Group

  • Query by determines whether the RPID / Study description filter displays standardized RPID exam names or the facility’s Study Descriptions

  • Body Part restricts the RPID / Study filter to exams for the specified body part(s)

  • RPID / Study Description lists the available studies by either RPID or Study Description, as determined by the Query by parameter setting

  • Scanner

The sample report, below, shows the exams with Study Dates between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28, 2018, for RPIDs associated with Body Part HEAD. The individual exam data appear in the table on the left side of the screen, with CTDIvol, SSDE, and DLP measures for each exam and summary counts by RPID are shown in the bar chart to the right. Note that the Include Data From filter is set to show data from the last three years but the Exam Date Range is Jan. 1 to Feb. Feb 28, 2018, to display just that time period.DIR Interactive Exam Search - Sample Data

The bar chart to the right of the table summarizes the distribution of exams by RPID / Study Description, with the total number of distinct RPIDs / Study Descriptions listed in the title. Use the Query By parameter to determine whether to show RPIDs or Study Descriptions.

Hover over a CTDIvol, SSDE, or DLP measure to display detailed information about the exam

DIR Interactive Exam Search - Detail

To export exam data

  • click just above the table column headers

  • click the Download icon, in the bottom right corner

  • select Crosstab

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