The GRID QCDR Preview Report uses exam-level data submitted to the registry to calculate QCDR measures for submission to CMS. These measures are available to physicians who wish to use NRDR as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) to use Non-MIPS quality measures defined by ACR and approved by CMS for MIPS participation.

Reports are posted quarterly and are available in PDF format through the Aggregate Reports menu item in the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu. A sample report is available here. All reports use year-to-date data.

The report shows statistics for each Non-MIPS measure with available data. The first table provides year-to-date data for the entire facility and for all GRID facilities. GRID QCDR Report - Facility Table

Columns two thru five show the facility’s data. The Submitted to GRID column includes all exams submitted to the registry for the facility. The Exclusions column denotes how many data records were removed because they were flagged as outliers, i.e. falling in range of the lowest 2.5% or highest 2.5% of values for each facility/modality combination. The last two columns provide registry level data. Performance Measure columns depict mean turnaround times, in hours.

Subsequent tables show measures for each physician, by physician National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. Physicians associated with multiple facilities appear in separate reports for each facility.  GRID QCDR Report - Physician Table

The Exclusions column removes outliers calculated for each physician/facility/modality combination.

Note: QCDR quality measures are reported to CMS by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Consequently, QCDR Non-MIPS Measures are summarized by TIN in the NRDR MIPS Performance Report, rather than NPI, and may differ from the data in the GRID QCDR Preview Report.

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