The following reports are available for the GRID registry. Click on a link for more information on each report.   


What Does the Report Show?



Form Submission Status

Online queries of which forms have been submitted and their status; there are separate reports for facility forms and physician forms.

Ad hoc


Semiannual Facility Report

Aggregated data for a facility compared to other sites by size, type, and geographical region; the Measures Summary table is also available for download as an Excel spreadsheet

Sample Semiannual Facility Report


Semiannual Physician Report

Data for each physician within a facility, only for those physicians for whom data were submitted using the Monthly Physician form; Data are also shown for all physicians in the facility and for the entire registry

Sample Semiannual Physician Report


Preview of QCDR quality measures for each physician (by NPI), the entire facility, and entire registry; available only for those facilities that submit exam-level data.

Note: The GRID QCDR Preview report shows physician results by NPI, whereas data are reported to CMS by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN); consequently, data may be aggregated differently when viewing GRID QCDR quality measures via the MIPS Portal.

Sample GRID QCDR Preview report


GRID Exam Search

Interactive search tool to help find data by date, modality, place of service, and other values.

Ad hoc

Fac. Admin, Reg. Admin,

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