The following reports are available for the GRID registry. Click on a link for more information on each report.   


What Does the Report Show?



Form Submission Status

Online queries of which forms have been submitted and their status; there are separate reports for facility forms and physician forms.

Ad hoc


Semiannual Facility Report

Aggregated data for a facility compared to other sites by size, type, and geographical region; the Measures Summary table is also available for download as an Excel spreadsheet

Sample Semiannual Facility Report


Semiannual Physician Report

Data for each physician within a facility, only for those physicians for whom data were submitted using the Monthly Physician form; Data are also shown for all physicians in the facility and for the entire registry

Sample Semiannual Physician Report


Preview of QCDR non-MIPS quality measures for each physician (by NPI), the entire facility, and entire registry; available only for those facilities that submit exam-level data.

Note: The GRID QCDR Preview report shows physician results by NPI, whereas data are reported to CMS by Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN); consequently, data may be aggregated differently when viewing GRID Non-MIPS quality measures via the MIPS Portal.

Sample GRID QCDR Preview report


Data Quality Report

Listing of missing and invalid data elements for Monthly Facility and Monthly Physician forms; created only for facilities with missing or invalid data


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