The GRID Exam Search report is a useful way to query exams using a variety of criteria.


You can access the report by selecting GRID Exam Search from the Interactive Reports menu.

Note: New to interactive reports? Check out our demo videos on navigating reports and working with filters.

Select at least one Corporate Account and click Apply to retrieve data. By default, the remaining report filters are set to retrieve exams for all facilities for the current quarter.

Use the following report filters to refine the data returned in the report:

  • Facility lists all facilities associated with the selected corporate account(s)

  • There are two separate filters for exam completion dates

    • Include Data From specifies the time period to include, relative to today. The filter is set to Current Quarter, by default

    • Exam Date Range displays the range of exam dates available and can be used to narrow the time frame to a range within the Include Data From time period – e.g. to a specific week, range of days, or single day

  • Modality, Place of Service, Physician NPI, CPT Code, Anatomy, and Study Description filters list all available values.

  • Turnaround (filter) limits the rows displayed based on the computed turnaround time. The left and right ends of the filter display the minimum and maximum values for the rows displayed in the report.


The sample report, below, shows exams completed on January 23, 2020 for two facilities. The far-right column displays the turnaround time, in hours, both numerically and with a bar to help highlight larger values. The bar is light gray for positive turnaround times and red for negative values.

Note: Negative turnaround times may indicate incorrect data and should be investigated.


Hover over a value in the Turnaround Time column to see the details of the calculation, including the date the final report was signed.GRID Exam Search - Hover

(click on the image for a better view)

The Turnaround Time filter is a useful way to identify exams with unusual values, such as very high turnaround times or negative times. In the first example, below, the filter is set to show all exams with a Turnaround Time of 72 hours or more.

GRID Exam Search - Filter Large Values 

In this second example, the filter is set to display exams with negative turnaround times.

GRID Exam Search - Filter Negative Values

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