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GRID Facility Summary Report

The Facility Summary report helps you quickly view if you are meeting your report turnaround time targets and gain insight about the number of exams with outlier turnaround times across modalities. For example, you can monitor weekly the number of outlier turnaround times for CT exams and, if your facility is submitting Place of Service data, view performance results broken down by Ambulatory, Inpatient and ED settings.    

Access the report by selecting Facility Summary Report from the GRID Interactive Reports menu. 

Select at least one Corporate Account and click Apply to retrieve data. 

Use the following report filters to refine the data returned in the report:

  • Facility lists all facilities associated with the selected Corporate Account(s).

  • Exam From and To allows users to enter the time period of interest

  • Place of Service provides a selection to view either a place of service summary or the details of Ambulatory, Inpatient, ED

  • Number of Readers provides a selection to view either a summary or details of whether one or multiple radiologists interpreted the report prior to final signature.    

Note: The Number of Readers detail can help determine to what extent having physicians in training interpret exam results--in addition to the attending physician--may affect report turnaround times.

The report view presented below shows a table with turnaround time performance statistics for Mammography the selected facility:

  •  25th percentile: 25% of all exams in the row had a turnaround time lower than this value

  • 50th percentile: the midpoint turnaround time - half of all exams were below this value, half were above

  • 75th percentile: 75% of all exams had a turnaround time lower than this value

  • 90th percentile: 90% of all exams had a turnaround time lower than this value

Click on the image for a better view.

If no data are returned, try setting the Exams From and To filter to an early date.

Click on a table row to show the same statistical data for a specific modality in a whisker-boxplot format. Values beyond the whiskers (black vertical lines) are outliers (more than 1.5 times beyond the inter-quartile range). Each blue mark on the plot is an exam. As shown in the report view presented below for Mammography, hovering over a mark in the plot displays the turnaround time for that exam.

Click on the image for a better view.

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