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GRID Quarterly Physician Report

The GRID Quarterly Physician Report provides measures for each physician within a facility for those physicians who submit monthly physician data. Aggregate data across all physicians, and for all GRID facilities, are also provided for comparison purposes. Reports are posted quarterly and are available through the Aggregate Reports menu item in the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu.

The Measures Definitions table provides a brief description of each measure listed in the report. 

A Boxplot Definitions table provides a description of how the boxplots are created in the report. 

Summary tables provide results for process and outcome measures for each physician, for the facility, and for the entire registry.

Table cells are left blank for categories for which a facility was unable to provide data. The Site columns reflect aggregate data for all physicians in the GRID registry for each measure. The report includes tables and charts for each measure with data for each physician, the facility, and all GRID sites.

The report also provides counts for the number of exams submitted as well as the number of physician forms submitted to the registry for each physician. 

Data for each measure is also plotted on box plots, with results for each physician, for all physicians in the facility, and for the entire registry.

Trend charts show measures for the performance period, by month, for each physician, and for the facility.

Unlike tables and box plots, trend charts aggregate all data for the facility, rather than just the monthly physician forms. Reports include results when data is available for at least one physician.

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