The CT Summary of Data Submitted report shows the number of exams and localizers submitted by your facility, as well as the date of the last submission. This report can help you confirm the volume of data in the DIR match what your facility has transmitted. Once TRIAD is installed and you have begun to submit exam data, log in to NRDR and use this report to determine if your exam data are being properly received. Make certain that the report reflects the same volume of exams your facility has been sending. Look to see if we are receiving your localizers and if the most recent exam recorded in the Last Exam Received column is accurate within a 48-hour time frame.

All users may view this report.

Select CT Summary of Data Submitted from the DIR Interactive Reports submenu to open the report.

Note: The standard version of the report, formerly available under the Operational Reports submenu, has been retired.

The report displays the number of exams and localizers by both the date they occurred (i.e. “scanned”) as well as the date they were submitted to the registry (“submitted”), but does not include the number of series.DIR Interactive CT Summary of Data Submitted - Filter

The report includes a filter to select a corporate account. You may select any corporate account and facility ID, as determined by your user profile.

The relative date filter, labeled Include Data From, is set to display data for the past seven days, by default. You may change this filter to any time frame. Use the Date Range filter to further restrict the report to a specific start and end date with the timeframe specified by the Include Data From filter.

To generate the report, select a corporate account. If no data appear, you may need to expand the time period in the Include Data from filter.

The Exams Scanned and Localizers Scanned columns reflect the number of exams and localizers that occurred within the selected date range based on the exam Study Date. The Exams Submitted and Localizers Submitted columns denote the number of exams and localizers that were submitted to the registry during the selected time frame.

DIR Interactive CT Summary of Data Submitted - Sample

The number of items scanned and submitted may differ; for example, in the screenshot, above, there are six Exams Submitted but only five Exams Scanned, indicating that one exam was submitted between June 19 and July 21, 2017, but with a study date outside of that date range.

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