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3D Printing Registry Manual Entry

Data are captured in the 3D Printing Case Form, available in the National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR) portal. Upon logging into the NRDR portal, click the Register New Case on the 3DP Registry menu.

Prior to submitting data for your first case, view the webinar: 3D Printing Registry: Case Examples and Data Entry. The webinar provides clinical case examples for anatomical models and surgical guides and demonstrates how case data are entered into the online forms in the NRDR portal.

As you work with Case Forms, please keep in mind the following: 

  • Save refers to the action you take when you have partially completed a form and you want to continue data entry at a later date.

  • Submit refers to the action you take when you have completed data entry for a form and you want the entries to be recorded in the registry.

The entries made prior to the Save action will appear on the form when you continue data entry, but they will not be recorded in the registry until you perform the Submit action. You also perform the Save action when you want to make changes to a previously submitted form.

Back button on your browser to navigate to a form; doing so will prevent your data from being stored in the database. Always use the Data Collection menu items to navigate to a form.

For security purposes, your session will terminate automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any entries you may have made since clicking the Save button will be lost.

You can perform the following actions with Case Forms:

For information on specific data elements, refer to the 3DP Registry Data Dictionary.

Once you have created your first case you will then have the ability to use the Copy Case functionality to create similar cases.  This will be particularly useful if your site frequently performs cases for similar guides/models.  The copy case functionality will pre-populate most fields in the image, guide/model, and printer sections from the existing case to a new case.  Patient and case-specific fields, such as material totals, effort, and outcomes, will need to be populated for the new case.  The Copy Case function can be found on the Search Case screen by selecting the ellipsis (…) at the far right side of the record to be copied.

View a history of changes to a Case Form

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